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Saturday January 27, 2007

[H]ardware Round-Up II


Thermalright HR-07 Memory Cooler @ Madshrimps

Power Supplies

Ultra 800W X-Finity & X-Pro @ 3DGameMan


Razer DeathAdder Gaming Mouse @ techPowerUp

Kingston DataTraveler Secure @ Maximum CPU

Chip Companies Entering Their Metal Period

CNet has an article this morning further covering transistor fabrication that processor companies are employing to increase performance.

For almost 40 years, chipmakers have been building transistor gates--the basic switch in a transistor--out of silicon. But Intel, IBM and Advanced Micro Devices now plan to introduce new materials for transistor gates that significantly cut power leakage while dramatically improving performance, company executives said this week in separate announcements.


[H]ardware Round-Up


AMD Athlon6 X2-5200+ @ t-break


Antec P180B Performance One ATX Case @ Bjorn3D


Fanatec Head$hot @ Gamepyre

Intel 45nm/Penryn Round-Up




Hot Hardware

Friday January 26, 2007

DRAM Price Drops Soon?

While some memory makers are predicting price drops of 20%, others are saying the number will be more along the lines of 10%. Either way, the likely hood of a price reduction is strong and that means consumer should see a real world savings by the end of the first quarter.

While reporting its profit grew by 25% on year in the fourth quarter of 2006 due to strong DRAM pricing, Elpida Memory foresees intensifying price pressure in the first quarter 2007 and estimates that overall prices will drop by 20%, according to the company.


Exposing The Mysterious PS3 Hardware Scaler

Beyond3D is tackling the mysterious PS3 hardware scaler issue today. Until recently, the PS3 left many older HDTV owners more than a bit upset which, as you can imagine, sparked a lot of heated debate across the internet. Very good reading.

Worse, it created a sour taste in the mouths of owners of older CRT-based HDTV sets, many of which are not capable of accepting a 720p signal at all, and thus only capable of displaying 480i/p and 1080i video signals. If they wanted to run their games in HD resolution, the solution for these disgruntled owners until now was to hope that developers would release their games with 1080i/p support --not a walk in the park for the developer-- or, simply, to buy a new HDTV.


SLI 2.0 Technology In March?

These guys are saying that NVIDIA will be releasing a “SLI 2.0” at CeBIT in March. Obviously this is just a rumor at this point but the possibility has everyone talking.

We heard faintly about NVIDIA SLI 2.0 technology and it is going to launch during CeBIT in March. Little information is available at this moment but we heard that it will be able to support mixed cards.


Beware Of “Free Wi-Fi” Scam

There is a new scam going around right now that seems to be using the offer of free Wi-Fi as bait to trick people into logging on to an ad hoc, peer-to-peer network run by criminals. Here’s how the scam works:

You go to an airport or other hot spot and fire up your PC, hoping to find a free hot spot. You see one that calls itself "Free Wi-Fi" or a similar name. You connect. Bingo -- you've been had! The problem is that it's not really a hot spot. Instead, it's an ad hoc, peer-to-peer network,


Rivals Say Vista Illegal Under EU Rules

It would seem that companies like IBM, Adobe, Corel, Red Hat and Linspire are complaining to the EU again claiming that Windows Vista is illegal based on the fundamental principles of the Commission's March 2004 decision. Uh oh, not again.

The group of complainants includes IBM, Nokia, Sun Microsystems, Adobe, Corel, Oracle, RealNetworks, Red Hat, Linspire and Opera. The Commission said it was studying the complaint. Microsoft had no immediate comment on the statement.


Thursday January 25, 2007

NVIDIA & Vista Driver News

No doubt NVIDIA’s lack of Vista drivers for their hardware has been a heated topic since the launch of the 8800 series. Well we have a lot of good news tonight direct from the mouths at NVIDIA. NVIDIA has released their “NVIDIA Windows Vista Driver version 100.54” tonight to developers, testers, and reviewers under an information embargo. So obviously it will likely be found online any minute for your download. Some things to note though.

This driver is intended for testing on GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS series GPUs. This driver is intended for DirectX 9 and DirectX 10 application testing in single GPU only. It is not recommended for NVIDIA SLI testing. 3D performance of this driver is improved over Release 95 Vista drivers, and is on par with Windows XP for the top applications, with the exception of OpenGL applications. This driver can also be used with GeForce 7 and GeForce 6 series GPUs, though performance can be slower on some applications because we still have work to do on our drivers.

Our goal is to get Vista performance equivalent to XP performance wherever possible, and we will do this through continuous driver updates.

NVIDIA's plan is to make a driver available for end users on on January 30, 2007. This driver is a beta driver and the first SLI driver, intended to support GeForce 8, 7, and 6 series GPUs, and will add support for GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS DirectX 9 SLI on the top applications. NVIDIA will continue to work on optimizing our Windows Vista drivers to ensure maximum performance on 3D applications.

In additon, NVIDIA is working very closely with Microsoft to finalize the WHQL certified DirectX 10 driver for the GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS GPU. Both companies have been in close communication to ensure that the logo kit gets finalized to enable the certification of the driver as soon as possible to enable getting it into the hands of customers.

Discuss here.

Insiders Talk About NVIDIA MXM

[H] Consumer is spotlighting the successes and failures of MXM, NVIDIA’s mobile socketed GPU initiative. We go behind the scenes and talk to reps from both NVIDIA and ATi and get the low down on just what happened to MXM.

The MXM initiative was to help improve productivity for integrators by cutting the costs of repairs. In that initiative, NVIDIA has succeeded. In the consumer market, it has utterly failed. Laptop owners are essentially no closer to being able to upgrade their own notebooks than they were over two years ago when the technology was first announced.

Screaming Corsair Memory

It is one of those days where we get to play with something new. Corsair’s “10000C5DF” 2GB kit is incredibly fast on the 680i motherboards. With the 0% Overclock EPP turned on you can get 1250MHz DDR2 speeds ( out of the box without even overclocking the processor. (Not sure why you would not want to though if you have a Core 2 Duo rig.) Corsair is quite proud of it though. Not for the budget shopper. ( Newegg / ZipZoomFly )

News Image

I have been using these Dominator-cooled sticks from Corsair now for a good while with good results. The fans seem a bit gimmicky at first, but it does supply a great deal of airflow to your RAM keeping it very cool. ABIT used to supply the same sort of fan with some of their OTES applications. The difference being that Corsair’s is so overbuilt you could use the thing as a weapon.