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Wednesday October 31, 2007

Google & Friends to Gang Up on Facebook

Alright, I admit it….I’m a sucker for a good headline. Anyone else picture Google and LinkedIn kicking Facebook’s ass behind the gym at recess? Fight, fight, fight!!

On Thursday, an alliance of companies led by Google plans to begin introducing a common set of standards to allow software developers to write programs for Google’s social network, Orkut, as well as others, including LinkedIn, hi5, Friendster, Plaxo and Ning.


Acer Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against HP

Acer has just announced that it has filed a patent infringement complaint against Hewlett-Packard. All this “back-and-forth” litigation between the two companies makes it extremely difficult to tell who did what, where or when…let alone who is winning / losing.

Taipei-based Acer, the world's No. 3 computer vendor by shipments, said in a statement to the Taiwan Stock Exchange it filed a complaint alleging seven patent violations by Hewlett-Packard with the District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin and the United States International Trade Commission.


Mac OS Malware Targets Porn Surfers

If you own a Mac and watch porn (The Magic 8 ball says “odds are good”) you should be on the lookout for a new piece of malware out there that disguises itself as a codec required to watch porn.

But to get infected with the malware, you have to accept the invitation to download "new version of codec," open up the .dmg (disk image) file, click the installer.pkg file, and enter your administrator's password, according to Intego. Once infected, the malware changes your DNS settings to hijack Web traffic and redirect it to phishing sites or ads for porn. And you still won't get to watch the video.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

ZEROtherm Nirvana NV 120 CPU Cooler @ Overclockers Club


OCZ ATV Turbo USB 2.0 Flash Drive @ Pro-Clockers


ATI: Linux vs. Windows Vista @ Phoronix

Make Cisco $1 Billion and Win A Job

Is it just me or is there something odd about a competition where you make Cisco a billion dollars and all you get is a job. Gee, what a generous offer. The job title better include letters like C, E and O.

With a strong focus on the use of collaboration tools, the I-Prize competition aims to find IP-based innovations that can earn Cisco at least $1 billion over a five- to seven-year period. The contest was announced Wednesday at the opening of the company's Globalization Center East in Bangalore, India.


Agency Warns Against Fraudulent E-mails

While most of you are smart enough not to fall for this, you might want to pass it on to friends and family that aren’t so tech savvy.

The e-mails claim that a has been filed with the FTC against the e-mail's recipient. An attachment to them includes a virus that, if opened, will install a program that can steal passwords and account numbers from receiving computers.


Gaming News

Condemned 2: Bloodshot Halloween Trailer VE3D

ManHunt2 on the News (video) @ WTOL-TV

Pirates Of The Caribbean Online Launched @ Kotaku

Unreal Tournament 3 Gold (trailer) @ Shacknews

100X Faster Broadband

You guys have got to read this story about an Australian researcher from the University of Melbourne's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, that has come up with a way to make broadband 100x faster than today’s standards. The best part? Supposedly it can be done with existing telecommunications networks. Thanks to Andar for the linkage.

Dr Papandriopoulos used complex mathematical modelling and optimisation techniques to develop the idea, which he said can be used with existing telecommunications networks without laying kilometres of expensive fibre optic cabling.


Ubuntu Causing Laptop HDD Failure?

Has there been an update to this Ubuntu kills laptop HDDs story? It keeps popping up but I haven’t seen anything else on it in a while. Anyone? Thanks to Vashypooh for reminding me about this one.

When switching to battery power, /etc/acpi/ issues the command hdparm -B 1 to all block devices. This leads to extremely frequent load cycles. For example, my new thinkpad has already done well over 7000 load cycles -- in only 100 hours. That's at least one unloading per minute. Googling for "load unload cycles notebook OR laptop" shows that most laptop drives handle up to 600,000 such cycles. As these values clearly show, this issue is of high importance and should be fixed sooner rather than later.


New York Leads in HD Uptake

New York residents are leading the nation in adopting high-definition television. According to this news item, almost 18% of New Yorkers have HD programming, the national average is about 13%.

New York has almost 1.3 million households that are receiving at least one HD network or station, out of almost 7.4 million total households. Los Angeles has the highest number of households equipped with an HDTV and tuner ("HD capable"), but trails with only 17.1 percent actually receiving an HD station.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases & Modding

Antec Veris Fusion Black HTPC Case @ Tweaknews


ZEROtherm BTF92 OC Edition CPU Cooler @ Think Computers


MSI P35 Platinum @ Boot Daily


MSI NX8600GT Twin Turbo Video Card @ Overclockers Club

Eye-Fi Unveils World's First Wireless Memory Card

Eye-Fi Inc., a company dedicated to helping people navigate, nurture and share their digital memories, today unveiled the Eye-Fi Card — the world’s first wireless SD memory card for digital cameras. The Eye-Fi Card uses home Wi-Fi networks to create an effortless and convenient way for users to send photographs directly from digital cameras to PCs, Macs and online photo and social networking sites. See release entitled “Eye-Fi Announces Support from Seventeen Online Photo Destinations.” Priced at $99.99 with 2GB of storage, the Eye-Fi Card is available now from major online retailers.