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[H] Enthusiast Archives: June 2008Archive Listing

Monday June 30, 2008

Deep Packet Inspection and Your Privacy Online

TorrentFreak is discussing deep packet inspection and what it means to your privacy online. I don’t know about you but that just sounds so…”invasive,” doesn’t it?

One of the new weapons in this conflict, is called ‘Deep Packet Inspection‘ (DPI). An innocuous sounding name for a technology that basically means ‘Internet monitoring’. Deep packet inspection is a technology that some companies are salivating over, including advertisers and entertainment lobby groups like the MPAA. With it, their dreams can come true, some of them anyway.


PS3 Update Brings In-Game XMB & Achievements

PlayStation 3 owners will finally be able to access the XMB in-game now, listen to custom in-game soundtracks and the new achievement system. The update is due out on the 2nd of July. Here is a video that walks you through the in-game XMB feature:


Cool Caliper Style Radio

This would make a cool gift for the architect, mathematician or engineer in your life, it’s a caliper style radio that would look great on just about any desk.

News Image News Image


Apple Security Update 2008-004

All of you OS X users, there is another update out there for you. The update is one of those “performance, stability and security” combo things so download it if you haven’t already gotten it via your software update feature.

[H]ardware Round-Up II


Coolmax 1350W CUQ-1350B Power Supply @ jonnyGURU

Coolmax 950W CUG950B Power Supply @ CPU3D

Gigabyte’s First Overclocking Competition @ Pro-Clockers


CSX Diablo3 PC3-16000 (DDR3 2000) 2GB @ OC3D


Diamond HD 4870 512 MB GDDR5 @ techPowerUP!

BFG Announces Factory Overclocked GeForce GTX 260 OC2 & OCX

BFG Technologies Inc., the leading North American and European supplier of advanced NVIDIA-based 3D graphics cards, power supplies and other PC enthusiast products, announced today the BFG GeForce® GTX 260 OC2 and the BFG GeForce GTX 260 OCX factory overclocked graphics cards.

Backed with 24/7/365 free technical support and a lifetime warranty, the BFG GeForce GTX 260 OC2 and OCX versions are factory overclocked graphics cards that go through extensive testing to find the right mix of speeds for the core, memory, and shader clocks that will produce the best performance and uncompromised stability at each level.

Yang And His Gang Say MS Wasn’t Serious

Yahoo, in another round of “saying stupid stuff” is claiming that Microsoft wasn’t serious about buying them. The one thing everyone is sure about these days is that Yang and his gang need to go. Company stocks have been on the decline forever, everything is someone else’s fault and the only time their stock moved up is when there were takeover talks. Hopefully, for the sake of the company, the shareholders give all these jokers the boot.

"The record casts doubt on whether Microsoft was ever committed to a whole-company transaction," the filing states. Microsoft spokeswoman Jamie Moser fired back at Yahoo's allegations that the software giant was not earnest in pursuing the deal: "This is simply revisionist history," she said.


Minnesota Pays ESA $91K for Illegal Game Law

The Entertainment Software Association has announced that it has won a judgment from the state of Minnesota reimbursing the ESA for $65,000 in attorney fees and other expenses. Hopefully this will teach other states a lesson about trying to pass stupid stuff like this in the future. I agree with the ESA when he said taxpayers should be pissed that they are footing the bill for this stuff.

"Minnesota's citizens should be outraged at paying the bill for this flawed plan. Minnesota's public officials ignored legal precedent and instead pursued a political agenda that ultimately cost taxpayers money," said ESA CEO Michael Gallagher.


Gaming News

Age of Conan Passes 700K Members @ VE3D

Diablo 3 Teaser Trailer @ FileShack

Gaming Editors Host Pre-E3 Talk on Sony @ Kotaku

Sony Gets DS and Wii-like Handheld Patents @ Shacknews

Soul Calibur Hits XBLA Wednesday @ Major Nelson

Someone @ Apple Needs a Boot in the Ass

I have had the luxury of “upgrading” my 60GB gen5 iPod to a new 16GB Apple Touch. Surely there is a lot less room on this device, but I figured I would give it a go to see what all the fuss was about, and given that the dust should have settled by now I figured all the bugs would have been worked out. Well, maybe the bugs are fixed, but the feature set is still very much lacking. Who the hell made it where you can’t adjust the volume of music while in landscape mode and the headphone connect will not allow you to set the unit down except in landscape mode? I use my iPod at the gym, and that is about it. I run on a machine for about an hour a day and am used to keeping my iPod there with me for motivation in the form of music. (Everyone knows a little Rob Zombie and Ministry can get you moving.) So I can’t set it on the incline surface there to hold whatever you have without setting the Touch down in landscape mode. And I can’t adjust the volume with it in landscape mode. Currently I have to pick it, turn it to portrait position, wait for it to react, then adjust my volume, then set it back down. Instead I would love to just TOUCH the damn thing, slide the volume, and be on my way….

For the love of God, or whoever, please give me a volume switch in landscape mode for my music. And where the hell is my “Shuffle Songs” button on the main menu? My Touch feels more like a Must Pick Me Up.


15,000 Canadians Petition For iPhone Rate Relief

After waiting forever to finally get iPhones, Canadians are slight PO’d at the prices, plans and just about everything else. Since Canada is too far away from Cupertino for a protest march, everyone got together and signed a petition and letter addressed directly to Steve Jobs.

But the largest and most pungent protest is a petition whose original name was unprintable, but which can now be found at Its stated goal is to gather 10,000 names — accompanied by to a letter to Steve Jobs — by July 11, the date when the iPhone 3G goes on sale in Canada. By Sunday morning it had already gathered more than 10,000; by Monday it had topped 15,000.


Laptops Banned In Bhutan Assembly

Laptop use inside the Bhutan assembly has been banned. Not for security reasons or fears of espionage…they were banned to keep lawmakers from playing video games. Heh, now that is funny!

Bhutan has stopped lawmakers from bringing laptop computers into the house for fear they might spend their time playing computer games. "The members can be distracted playing games and viewing pictures," said Nima Tshering, speaker of the assembly.