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Wednesday July 30, 2008

India's '$10 Laptop' to Cost $100

Hey, that $10 laptop we told you about yesterday? Yeah, you do? Well they were just kidding, it’s really going to be $100.

In a transcript of the speech delivered by Purandeswari at a conference in Delhi on Tuesday, which was provided by the government's press bureau to reporters, the Minister was quoted as saying that the government aims to provide $10 laptops to students.

Ongoing Discussion

FBI Warns of Storm Worm Virus

While all of you are up to date and protected, we all know people that need a heads up (friends, family and significant others). Spread the word, not the worm.

The FBI and its partner, the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), have received reports of recent spam e-mails spreading the Storm Worm malicious software, known as malware. These e-mails, which contain the phrase “F.B.I. vs. facebook,” direct e-mail recipients to click on a link to view an article about the FBI and Facebook, a popular social networking website. The Storm Worm virus has also been spread in the past in e-mails advertising a holiday e-card link.


Don't Text and Walk, Skate or Cook

Could texting be a form of natural selection? Seriously, if you are stupid enough to be texting while you are doing anything that could potentially cripple, maim or kill you…maybe you shouldn’t be doing it. This is one of those articles you can forward to that annoying friend that is always texting while driving.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has no national estimate on how common texting-related injuries are. But among the reports it has received: A 15-year-old girl fell off her horse while texting, suffering head and back injuries, and a 13-year-old girl suffered belly, leg and arm burns after texting her boyfriend while cooking noodles.


Microsoft Sphere Display Demo

A demo of Microsoft’s Sphere Display was caught on video. It looks pretty interesting but I like the tabletop Surface computers better. What do you guys think of this sphere display thing?


[H]ard|OCP [H]otDeals

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of [H]ard|OCP [H]otDeals! Here’s a hell of a deal to kick things off with, all [H] readers get free shipping and $125 off this BFG Tech 800W PSU. You can also get $50 off this EVGA GeForce 8800 GS 384MB for a final price of $69.99 with free shipping. This Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3GHz is only $102.99 and is shipped to your door absolutely free. If you have a spare $59.99 laying around, this Ultra Black Aluminus ATX case would make a fine investment. Those of you in need of more memory on the cheap should seriously consider this Crucial PC5400 DDR2 kit for just $29.99. As always, whether you are looking for a deal or you found a deal, the first and last place for deals is our [H]otdeals forum!

Gaming News

Best of E3 Finalists Announced @ Kotaku

C&C;: Red Alert 3 Beta Begins @ Shacknews

Dead Space Video Diary #5 @ FileShack

Google Testing AdSense For Games @ VE3D

Morroblivion: The Resurrection of Morrowind @ Official Site

AT&T; Will Cut Off P2P Users?

Engadget has an interesting news item posted today that says an AT&T; rep told the FCC they can terminate a customers service for use of P2P applications.

AT&T;'s Robert Quinn, who told FCC Commissioner Robert McDowell that, "use of a P2P file sharing application would constitute a material breach of contract for which the user's service could be terminated." Quinn was apparently quick to add, however, that AT&T; hasn't yet kicked anyone off the network for using P2P.


Femisapien Robot Review

Robert Oschler from Robots Rule figured that he’d send me a link to his Femisapien robot review since you guys like all these robot videos.


Apple To Use NVIDIA Chipsets?

Could Apple really be going with NVIDIA for chipsets in the near future? PC Perspective thinks that they just might and outlines the reasons why they think Apple could switch to NVIDIA in their latest editorial.

NVIDIA is a much more reasonable solution for Apple; and what do we see here, just released yesterday? NVIDIA has announced a new line up of mobile chipsets and mobility GPUs, right on schedule: the GeForce 9800M and 9700M parts join the existing GeForce 9600M to round out a complete refresh in their lineup.


Inside The OSCON 2008 Open Source Conference

InformationWeek has posted coverage of the OSCON 2008 Open Source Conference. There is a lot of really good info about the show over there as well as pictures of the event.

Last week I left behind the muggy July of New York to drink in the relative cool of Portland, Ore. -- and to drink in a week of the open source world, courtesy of O'Reilly's OSCON. My account of what I saw and did is below, in eight juicy blog posts, and here in photos I took at the conference.


[H]ardware Round-Up


ASUS Lion Square Heatpipe HSF @ FrostyTech


Intel Nova XT Gaming System @ CPU3D

Via Nano Vs. Intel’s Atom @ HotHardware

Via Nano Vs. Intel’s Atom @ PC Perspective


NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GTX+ @ TechARP

YouTube, Google Hit With $779M Lawsuit

YouTube and Google have been sued again, this time it is an Italian media company that is upset that over 4600+ of their movies are on YouTube. You know, you have to wonder what it must be like to work in the legal department at Google. Those guys must be busy as hell all year long.

Mediaset alleges it found at least 4,643 of its movies on YouTube's Web site on June 10, when it conducted a sample survey. The movies represent approximately 325 hours of material, Mediaset claims. The media company, as a result, alleges its three Italian television networks have lost nearly 315,700 viewer days, which in turn represents lost advertising opportunities for its television programs, Mediaset alleges.