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Friday October 31, 2008

Google Makes PDF Files Searchable

Google, using optical character-recognition technology, can now scan PDF files, turn them back into text and make them available as search results via the “View as HTML” link.

"In the past, scanned documents were rarely included in search results as we couldn't be sure of their content," said Google product manager Evin Levey in a blog post. "We had occasional clues from references to the document -- so you might get a search result with a title but no snippet highlighting your query. Today, that changes."


[H]alloween [H]otDeals

Welcome to the [H]alloween edition of [H]ard|OCP [H]otDeals! In addition to the regular deals you'll find in the [H]otDeals section, there is an exclusive Halloween sale going on that has stuff like a 46” Toshiba Regza 1080p HDTV for $999, a Gateway laptop for $499 and a complete eMachines computer system for $229. Also, today is the last day to get $40 off that EVGA nForce 790i SLI FTW motherboard. And, as always we still have a deal going on new RatPadz GS or RatPadz XT, you get $5 off + free shipping (in North America) while supplies last!

Laser Carved Pumpkins

Technically, when it comes to carving a pumpkin, this is cheating but using of a laser to carve your pumpkin is a whole new level of nerdhood so I couldn't pass this up.

News Image News Image News Image


Microsoft’s Puts Booths Outside Apple Stores

Now this is getting good. It seems that Microsoft has set up those “I’m a PC” recording booths…in front of Apple stores. I know I shouldn’t laugh….wait, yes I should...and you should too! big grin

News Image


Gaming News

Mirror’s Edge Demo on XBL @ Major Nelson

PS3 Fallout 3 A Bit Broken @ Kotaku

Rock Band DLC: 20 Free Tracks @ Shacknews

Splatterhouse Teaser Trailer @ VE3D

Tom Clancy's EndWar Parrot Trailer @ ShackVideo

AOCM 2 Overclocking LAN

Those crazy crustaceans over at MadShrimps have posted coverage of the AOCM 2 Overclocking LAN. It’s always nice to see a bunch of overclockers get together with a little hardware and a lot of LN2. Hit the link for complete coverage, I snagged a few pics to whet your appetite:

News Image News Image News Image

This weekend, the second edition of the AOCM has held in Minfeld, Germany. AOCM stands for 'Awardfabrik OverClocking Meisterschaft', which is the main forum of many German overclockers. Actually, the people who made the event possible are all crew members of the Awardfabrik website and forum, so this event was made by and made for the overclockers!


Grand Theft Auto 4 PC Delay Confirmed

The gang at Shacknews has confirmed that the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV has been delayed until December 2nd. The system requirements have also been listed and the “recommended” specs are about what you would expect:

OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / XP - Service Pack 3. Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1Ghz. Memory: 2 GB (Windows XP) 2.5 GB (Windows Vista). 18 GB Free Hard Drive Space. Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600 / 512MB ATI 3870


Best Low Budget High-Tech Kid Costume

Need a last minute idea for a Halloween costume for your kid? Break out the cardboard boxes and tubes and get painting!


[H]ardware Round-Up


Thermaltake ProWater 850i Water Cooling Kit @ Hardware Logic


Fedora 7 to 10 Benchmarks @ Phoronix


ATI Radeon HD 4830 Round-up @ Driver Heaven

Sapphire HD 4650 Overclocked @ Pro-Clockers

IBM Sues Apple Over Chip Designer

Apple hired IBM’s "top expert in Power architecture and technology." IBM liked that idea so much that they decided to sue Apple.

Mark Papermaster, who served as IBM's vice president of microprocessor technology development, is set to join Apple within the next couple weeks to begin working closely with chief executive Steve Jobs. According to a report by Tom Krazit of CNet News, IBM's complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York indicates that IBM believes this is "an attempt to expand Apple's presence in the markets for servers and chips for handheld devices."


Duplicating Keys via Distant Digital Images

A company has developed software that would allow anyone to make a duplicate of your house key just by taking a picture of it. The keys do not even have to be in profile for this to work, the software can determine a key's bitting code from nearly any angle.

Referred to as Sneakey, the system is capable of "teleduplication--extracting a key's complete and precise bitting code at a distance via optical decoding and then cutting precise duplicates," according to Sneakey's Web site. Part of the project's mission is to make people realize that traditional keys are not really as safe as they might think.


ASUS To Sell $200 Netbooks In 2009

According to this post at DigiTimes today, Asustek’s head honcho announced plans to launch a $200 EeePC in 2009.

Shen detailed that the company has adjusted its mid-range and entry-level Eee PC's pricing and market position, and expects to launch an Eee PC priced at US$200 in 2009. Currently, netbooks with a hard drive are the mainstream specification accounting for 70% of total shipments, while SSDs account for the other 30%. The ratio of Eee PCs preloaded Windows XP and Linux stands at 7:3