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[H] Enthusiast Archives: May 2009Archive Listing

Sunday May 31, 2009

Vista SP2 Results in Increased Free Disk Space?

PCWorld reports that some users are getting back big chunks of disk space after installing Vista SP2. They think that it’s because the SP2 install routine automatially removes older system files and restore points via the "compcln.exe" tool but have not received an official explanation from Microsoft yet. Interesting.

Mind you, I'm not talking about a gigabyte here or there; one reader claimed that installing Vista SP2 freed up a massive 40 GB chunk of disk space. Another reader said, "Wow! I didn't notice that til now. I went from about 88GB free to 122GB free. That's a significant change 'under the hood,' isn't it?" And yet another reader gained back 130 GB of hard disk space.


[H] Gaming News

Game releases for 5/31 – 6/6 @ ShackNews

Nintendo to release new Wii Fit and Mario game this year @ Gamespy

E3: The highs and lows @ Gamespot

Full artist list for Guitar Hero 5 @ 1UP

E3 from the inside @ Kotaku


First iPhone 3G 2009 Screens Leaked?

Gizmodo put up some pics that were leaked on a Hong Kong blog of what is believed to be the next gen iPhone 3G that is rumored to be released this summer. Gizmodo believes that these photos are the real deal. What do you think?

These could very well be the first shots of the new iPhone, featuring the new compass in action—which the current iPhone lacks—and video functions, as well as the autofocus in the camera. They look like polished new Apple applications. You can also see how the camera app can change between video and still modes, as well as the autofocus overlay—I wonder if you could change focus with your finger—and MMS screens.


[H]ardware Roundup


SilverStone Sugo SST-SG05B Mini ITX @ PCPerspective

Thermaltake Luxa˛ LM300 Touch Pro @ TechPowerUp


The SMPPC – Single Moving Part PC @ SPCR

Input Devices

OCZ Behemoth gaming mouse @ OC3D

Gigabyte Ghost GM-M8000 gaming mouse @ Hi-Tech Reviews


ASUS Rampage II Gene vs DFI LANParty Jr X58-T3H6 @ Tom’s Hardware


Patriot Torqx MLC 128GB SSD @ BmR

LaCie 2big 1TB NAS @ TestFreaks


3-Way Multi-GPU system comparison @ Xbit Labs

Gigabyte GTS 250 @ Bjorn3D


Hiring Hackers: Cyberwarfare ‘Soldiers’ Find Work in Tough Times

The NYTimes is telling us about the current expansion of hiring at companies that are contracted by the US government for cyberwarfare activity. Combined with the dearth of traditional IT jobs due to the economy, candidates are finding themselves working for Raytheon and Lockheed Martin instead of IBM and HP. One can only hope that the screening for these candidates is top notch.

At a Raytheon facility south of the Kennedy Space Center, a hub of innovation in an earlier era, rock music blares and empty cans of Mountain Dew pile up as engineers create tools to protect the Pentagon’s computers and crack into the networks of countries that could become adversaries. Prizes like cappuccino machines and stacks of cash spur them on, and a gong heralds each major breakthrough.


Homeless but Not Web-less

The Wall Street Journal has an article about how even homeless people feel the urge to stay online, with some even managing to acquire a laptop to stay connected. They may not have a street address but they have a web address, as well as the normal SocNet accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Lisa Stringer, who runs a program that teaches job and computer skills to homeless and low-income residents, says some students who can't even read or write save money to buy computers at Goodwill. "It's really a symbol in today's society of being OK and connected," she says. She sometimes urges homeless students to put off buying laptops until their living situations stabilize.


NVIDIA-Powered Netbooks on Display at Computex

CNET has the scoop about NVIDIA's netbook plans at Computex in Taiwan this week. They report that NVIDIA will be showing netbooks running the all-in-one Tegra chip and Windows CE, with "high hopes" for Google's Android OS in the future.

Tegra is a system-on-a-chip that integrates a processor based on a design from U.K.-based ARM and Nvidia's GeForce graphics silicon, among other functions. The goal is to bring robust PC-like graphics to small devices such as Netbooks and handheld devices, also referred to as mobile Internet devices.


Data Center Space in Low Supply

A study conducted by a commercial real estate company has found that data center vacancy space is in short supply. This issue is a major problem for companies with large requirements and a good thing for the few sites that still have the space.

Kerrigan said several traditional data center hubs are facing acute shortages of space that can accommodate large users in a short time frame. "Northern Virginia has some issues because there’s major demand there," said Kerrigan, nopting a recent series of large leases. "We still don’t know about the government requirements coming out of the stimulus package, which could have a big impact on supply. Santa Clara (Calif.) also has a big supply issue right now."


E3 Returns to Flashy Former Format

E3’s attempt to be a low-key and "serious" gaming conference resulted in dropped attendance and publisher withdrawals. This year’s E3 returns to the high-energy and glitzy presentation of their more successful past and Reuters takes a look at the event, which is set to kick off Monday.

"E3 used to be a great event (that) helped to push the games to a more mass market audience," said Yves Guillemot, chief executive of France's Ubisoft…"In the last two or three years it was almost a nonevent," he said. "We think it will be a major event -- the show has to be big. We want to attract more and more talent from all the other industries (so) they can see what is happening now."


.NET Extension Silently Added to Firefox via Service Pack

Washington Post blogger Brian Krebs recently uncovered a "feature" that comes with the .NET service pack from Microsoft. Installing that service pack silently installs an add-on in Firefox called "Microsoft .NET Framework Assistant 1.0" and then conveniently disables the "Uninstall" button. You can get more details on it after the jump., which lists various aspects of Windows that are, well, annoying, says "this update adds to Firefox one of the most dangerous vulnerabilities present in all versions of Internet Explorer: the ability for Web sites to easily and quietly install software on your PC."


Maker Faire Coverage

Wondering what’s being shown off at the Maker Faire in CA this weekend? Wired has you covered by attending the event and providing coverage and pics. This event is a tech tinker’s paradise with homebrew technological concoctions such as a hand-wrapped 8-bit CPU and a DIY Segway. Funky.

Maker Faire, the largest festival for DIYers, crafters and hackers, happens Saturday and Sunday, May 30 and 31, in San Mateo, California. More than 80,000 people are expected to attend this year to check out what the 600 odd makers have to show, including robotics, music, crafts and food.


Patriot DDR3 SODIMMS Certified by Intel for XMP

Patriot Memory announced their XMP certified SODIMMS. Patriot's DDR3 SODIMM is the latest in the family of memory which includes Intel's Extreme Memory Profiles (XMP). XMP is a performance specification for DDR3 memory SPD settings that act as an integrated "plug and play" overclocking tool. The new Extreme Memory Profile options allow the end user to select extreme or ultimate performance through a framework of predefined and validated optimizations of individual settings without the hassle of manually adjusting each parameter, so the timings, voltage, and speed boot automatically for maximum performance.