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Tuesday March 30, 2010

Laser Warfare Takes To The High Seas

I wonder if any of us Quake veterans can audition for weapons control

"A new type of laser weapon system touted as the holy grail of military lasers took a step closer to reality last week."


Integrating Flash Into Chrome

Google says they are integrating Flash into its Chrome browser. The company will provide the latest version of Flash when you download the browser and offer regular updates as well. After all the holes and vulnerabilities that cropped up last year in Adobe's products, maybe teaming up with Google will help get that under control.

As a first step, we’ve begun collaborating with Adobe to improve the Flash Player experience in Google Chrome. Today, we’re making available an initial integration of Flash Player with Chrome in the developer channel. We plan to bring this functionality to all Chrome users as quickly as we can.


ASUS, Gigabyte Planning Inexpensive USB 3.0 Motherboards?

According to the folks at DigiTimes, ASUS and Gigabyte are thinking about adding USB 3.0 technology to mid-range and entry-level motherboards.

Asustek Computer and Gigabyte Technology are considering adding USB 3.0 technology into their mid-range and entry-level motherboards, according to a Chinese-language Apply Daily report. Industry sources expect total USB 3.0 motherboard shipments will surpass 20 million units in 2010, the paper added.


Congress Calls For Google Buzz Investigation

With all the other problems in the world solved, Congress is taking on the evil Google Buzz! While everyone agrees something should be done to protect your data…I think those clowns in Washington have more pressing issues right now...then we can talk about Google's evil ways.

Following up on a complaint letter sent by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC) to the FTC, eleven members of the House of Representatives have written to John Leibowitz, chairman of the FTC, over Google’s rule as a potential curator of private data.


Seton Hill Says: An iPad For Everyone

You gotta love it when schools come up with gimmicks like this to boost enrollment. What do you guys think, is this a good idea or just a gimmick?

News Image


Apple Sued Over Multitouch Patent

Apple has been sued again, this time around it is over alleged multitouch patent infringement. I was going to make a joke about Apple being accused of inappropriately touching but this quote from the actual complaint is gross enough as it is:

Elan Microelectronics filed a complaint accusing Apple of violating an Elan-owned patent that covers "touch-sensitive input devices with the ability to detect the simultaneous presence of two or more fingers."


New Intel Xeon Pushes Mission Critical into the Mainstream

Intel Corporation today culminated the transition to the company's award-winning "Nehalem" chip design with the launch of the Intel® Xeon® 7500 processor series. In less than 90 days, Intel has introduced all-new 2010 PC, laptop and server processors that increase energy efficiency and computing speed and include a multitude of new features that make computers more intelligent, flexible and reliable.

Expandable to include from two to 256 chips per server, the new Intel Xeon processors have an average performance three times that of Intel's existing Xeon 7400 series on common, leading enterprise benchmarks, and come equipped with more than 20 new reliability features.


Microsoft Security Bulletin Summary for March 2010

If you are using Windows 7 and IE8, this Microsoft Security Bulletin does not concern you. Everyone else, go get your patch on. Follow the link to watch the public webcast at 1:00 p.m. PDT.

Microsoft is releasing an Out-of-Band Security bulletin to address attacks against customers of Internet Explorer. Please join us Tuesday, March 30 at 1:00 p.m. PDT (UTC -8) for a public webcast where we will present information on the bulletin and take customer questions.

Gaming [H]eadlines

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Map Pack Released @ Blue’s News

Modern Warfare 2 Charity Raises Unemployment Awareness @ Kotaku

Splinter Cell: Conviction Trailer @ Shacknews

Take-Two Sending Out Hot Coffee Settlement Checks @ Joystiq

T-Shirt With E-Mail Notification

While I gotta give this guy and his wife props for ingenuity, this project probably should be called "how to make sure you never get an e-mail again because no one will be your friend while you are wearing this shirt." Don't look at me like that, someone had to say it.


`Smart' Meters Have Security Holes

Not only can your computer be hacked, now you have to worry about protecting your electric meter. Wait, what?

Computer-security researchers say new "smart" meters that are designed to help deliver electricity more efficiently also have flaws that could let hackers tamper with the power grid in previously impossible ways.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases & Modding

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