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[H] Enthusiast Archives: April 2010Archive Listing

Friday April 30, 2010

PowerColor Shows Off 4GB HD5970 Eyefinity 12 Card

If you thought Eyefinity on three screens and six screens was impressive…just wait until you can do it on twelve screens! Head on over to PowerColor’s Facebook page and check out this 4GB HD5970 Eyefinity 12 video card in the buff.

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Apple to Charge $1M to Put Ads in Mobile Apps ?

According to the Wall Street Journal, the powers that be at Apple have decided they are going to charge $1 million for ads on its mobile devices and could charge as much as $10 million. The article says that the industry standard is between $100,000 and $200,000.

Apple Inc. aims to charge close to $1 million for ads on its mobile devices this year and perhaps even more to be among the first, ad executives say. Apple is hitting the road to showcase its new mobile-device advertising capability, dubbed iAd, and has indicated it could charge as much as $10 million to be part of a handful of marketers at the launch, according to a person familiar with the matter.


Ubuntu 10.04 Hit by Major Bug

Phoronix says that Ubuntu 10.04 was hit by a major bug on launch day. Apparently there is an issue with not being able to boot to another OS once Ubuntu 10.04 is installed. The Ubuntu developers and the folks at Canonical are working on the problem now.

Last week they were then hit by a serious memory leaking issue within the X.Org Server, which fortunately has now been fixed in time for the release. But now we are onto a new issue. Rather than the Canonical crew and Ubuntu developers around the world spending today celebrating the release of Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, they are busy re-spinning some of the ISOs due to a new "critical" bug.


HP Slate Killed? Rumor Mill Says 'Yes'

According to the rumor mill, HP is abandoning the Slate because of poor Windows 7 performance. Obviously this is a rumor but you never know, it might be true, might not…who knows.

On the other hand, HP killing off the project doesn't sound completely out of the realm of possibility to us. We've reached out to HP for comment, but they've yet to get back to us. We'll let you know when we hear something more concrete.


Tech Demos That Went Horribly Wrong

To be perfectly honest, I thought this was just going to be another lame top 10 list…but the Apple blunders video and watching the robot fall down the stairs makes this one worth the click to check out.

You're poured millions into R&D.; You've cranked the hype machine into overdrive. And now you're on stage in front of millions of adoring fans. And what do they do? They point and laugh. Yup, it's the 10 worst tech demo disasters.


Intel SSDs Inside--Pianos?

Austin,Texas-based Waskul Entertainment created a unique solid-state drive (SSD) demo at the recent National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show featuring a Yamaha Disklavier™ recording piano, Intel® X25-M Mainstream SATA SSD and live performance by acclaimed pianist and vocalist Sarah Thiele. The Intel SSD replaced a traditional hard disk drive (HDD) to record double the amount of music in a noise-free environment, critical to studio recording. Because an SSD runs cooler than an HDD, it also helped better protect the wooden sound board contained within the piano.


Gaming [H]eadlines

APB Payment Model, Release Date Revealed @ Shacknews

Man 'Beats' Bejeweled 2 After 3 Years @ Joystiq

New Call Of Duty Goes To Arctic, Cuba, Vietnam @ Kotaku

Team Fortress 2 Patch, Statues @ Blue’s News

Piracy Is Hurting Porn

Piracy is hurting porn, won’t somebody please think of the poor porn stars? On a related note, what the hell is up with all the ugly people in this "save the pr0n" PSA video?

The Adult Entertainment Trade Association, a branch of the Free Speech Coalition, says DVD sales are down at least a third because of DVD counterfeiting and so-called internet "tube" porn sites that sometimes infect viewers’ computers with malware and spyware. Credible piracy figures are not available, as the porn business is run largely by private companies, the coalition says.


Super Talent SuperCrypt USB 3.0 32GB Thumb Drive

Our friends at PC Perspective have the Super Talent SuperCrypt USB 3.0 32GB thumb drive in house today for a little review action.

If you have USB 3.0 in your system already, or were thinking about the ASUS U3S6 or ECS add-in cards, then you need a device like this to truly see its potential. You can use it for speedy backups or moving large amounts of data between USB 3.0-ready systems or just sit there and read and write to it to see how fast it can go.


[H]ardware Round-Up


AMD Athlon II X3 425 On Linux @ Phoronix

Memory/ Storage

Intel X25-M G2 80GB Solid State Drive @ ITShooOut

QNAP TS-459 Pro NAS @ PC Review


Asrock X58 Extreme3 Socket 1366 Motherboard @ Pro-Clockers


GeForce GTX 480 3-way SLI @ Guru3D

'Avatar' on Track to Break Record for Blu-ray Piracy

Not only does Avatar have the record for the highest first-day Blu-ray sales, the movie is well on it’s way to breaking the record for Blu-ray piracy too.

That's a rate that "surpasses all previous Blu-ray titles," putting "Avatar" on a collision course with the unwanted title (well, among Hollywood industry types, anyway) of "most pirated Blu-ray film to date," according to TorrentFreak.


Adobe’s CEO Responds to Steve Jobs

Adobe’s CEO sat down with the Wall Street Journal and responded to Steve Jobs’ "Thoughts on Flash" letter he wrote yesterday.

He called Jobs' points a "smokescreen," said Flash is an "open specification," and further said Apple's restrictions are "cumbersome" to developers and have "nothing to do with technology." What's more, he also said Jobs' claims about Flash affecting battery life are "patently false," and suggested that any Flash-related crashes on OS X have more to do with Apple's operating system than Adobe's software.