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Saturday April 30, 2011

South Carolina Losing Amazon Over Sales Tax Vote is continuing its policy of severing all business operations in states that will not tax exempt the company operations. The SC Legislature voted not to grant Amazon’s plea for tax exempt status and Amazon made the announcement to pull the plug on all operations in South Carolina.

"As a result of today’s unfortunate House vote, we’ve canceled $52 million in procurement contracts and removed all South Carolina fulfillment center job postings from our (Web) site"


Software That Tells Dirty Jokes

Two computer scientists at the University of Washington have developed a software program that can be programmed to recognize a type of double entendre and transform the innocent phrase into a lewd joke. It’s getting really bad when the nerds need help from a software program to make dirty jokes. stick out tongue

The system turned out to be around 70% accurate, but the pair say this is deceptively low because much of the training data did not consist of TWSS jokes, and with a more even data set it could achieve 99.5% precision


AMD Not Pursuing ARM License, Sticking to X86

AMD has announced that it will not be procuring an ARM license as many had expected. Speculation ran high this week over AMD’s future ARM development because of ARM’s vice president was invited to speak at the AMD Developer Conference in June.

Like AMD, ARM is developing multicore CPUs and programmable graphics cores, which are important in handling multimedia


Steve Jobs Trapped in Carbonite iPhone Case

In some sectors of the tech universe, there is no love for Apple founder Steve Jobs and many would revel in his Carbonite encasement. This newest cover for the iPhone could have really taken off and sold like hotcakes…..maybe to people who don’t even own an iPhone, but it seems Apple has no sense of humor and pulled the old copyright infringement card once again. Encase Steve Jobs in Carbonite, it would have been fun. big grin

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Windows 8: 7 Things We Know For Sure

Recently leaked builds show that Windows 8 will be a very different OS from its forebears, from the kernel to the cloud. ARM processor support, mobile-device optimization, and system-wide menu tweaks abound. There are still a lot of things we don't know about the next OS from Microsoft, but the number of things we can say for sure is growing.

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Panasonic to Cut 17,000 Jobs

Panasonic is beginning to feel the pinch of competition from South Korea and China, prompting Panasonic to streamline and reorganize the company. The corporation operates five main lines of electronics manufacturing and plans to reduce that number to three, resulting in a reduction of 17K jobs.

Already facing sluggish demand in Japan, its biggest market, Panasonic said the devastating earthquake and tsunami that struck the Japanese coast north of Tokyo on March 11 had further dimmed the domestic outlook.


Voyager Probes to Leave Solar System by 2016

The stage is set for the first man-made objects to leave the solar system within five years. Voyager 1, followed closely by Voyager 2, left Earth in 1977 and both have been traveling at a rate of about 37K per hour toward the edge of the known solar system.

While the Voyagers have left the planets well behind, they're not beyond the solar system yet. They're still within a huge bubble called the heliosphere, which is made of solar plasma and solar magnetic field


DOJ: Too Much Emphasis on Child Porn

A scathing report from the Department of Justice blasts the FBI for being incompetent in its counter espionage efforts mainly due to concentration of allocated resources investigating child pornography. Maybe it’s a good time to refigure the agency’s priorities.

Online espionage isn't the FBI cyber squads' only responsibility, however. In 2009, 19 percent of the cyber agents worked on national security intrusion investigations, while 31 percent worked on non-spy-related digital crimes and 41 percent investigated online child porn.


Royal Wedding Breaks Internet Records with Live Stream

The much touted royal wedding dominated the news on Friday and also as expected, set some new records for live streaming. The marriage of Prince William put strains on a variety of carriers, creating ‘technical difficulties’ for several of the services.

However fears that the global media event -- expected to draw two billion viewers worldwide and many of them online -- could "break" the Internet proved unfounded.


Microsoft’s Clippy Returns

If you have been having Clippy withdrawals for the past few years, your fix is on the horizon. In the infinite wisdom of Microsoft, the company has decided to bring Clippy out of retirement and give him a new position as a guide for a video and not as the know-it-all paperclip of days past. Welcome back, Clippy!! (drop dead) big grin

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The Age of Broadband Caps Begins Monday

You knew it was coming and we have been discussing it here for over a month, but judgement day is upon us. Prepare for a higher monthly bill or cutback in your usage, it’s your choice. It seems like AT&T; just isn’t interested in becoming a replacement for cable services without due compensation.

The real solution is adding infrastructure at the local level, though an interim solution could entail metering data only during peak times, much as mobile-phone calling-minutes plans apply only during peak hours.


Casinos Sense Opening in Online Poker Indictments

The indictments of the owners of three of the largest online gambling sites may signal not the end of online gambling in the US, but just possibly a new start for casinos to fill the newly created void.

"If lawmakers are serious about job creation and economic growth and reducing the deficit, we are handing them something on a silver platter that can help with all three"