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Thursday June 30, 2011

The Navy Bought 59,000 Fake Chinese Microchips

Wow, you have to be stupid or have some huge brass balls to sell fake processors to the U.S. Navy. It's not like they don't know where they bought them....or how to find you. eek! Thanks to [H] forum member "fright" for the link.

Last year, the U.S. Navy bought 59,000 microchips for use in everything from missiles to transponders and all of them turned out to be counterfeits from China. The chips weren't only low-quality fakes, they had been made with a "back-door" and could have been remotely shut down at any time.


PC Perspective Podcast #160

For those of you that like a little hardware news on the go (iTunes or downloadable MP3) or you are just too damn lazy to read, I recommend you try out PC Perspective's weekly podcast. Here are just a few of the things the PCP gang discussed this week:

This week we talk about the Lenovo ThinkPad X1, OCZ RevoDrive 3 X2, Crysis 2 DX11 update, Llano preview and more!

MySpace Lays off More Than Half its Staff

While not surprising, it still sucks to see that many people fired. Then again, after being bought for $35M in cash and postage stamps, the company is lucky to be able to keep even half its staff.

Social network MySpace has laid off more than half its staff of roughly 450 as part of its sale by News Corp. to Specific Media, The Wall Street Journal reported today. The cuts follow a massive 47 percent staff reduction in January across all divisions that impacted about 500 workers. Now a shadow of its former self, the company had some 1,400 staff two years ago.


RIM Responds to Open Letter Criticizing Company

RIM has now publicly responded to an open letter anonymously posted to the internet that was critical of the company's operations. RIM took the high road and responded sincerely....heh, just kidding, the reply starts off with a sly attempt at casting doubt on the validity of the original letter:

An "Open Letter" to RIM’s senior management was published anonymously on the web today and it was attributed to an unnamed person described as a ‘high level employee". It is obviously difficult to address anonymous commentary and it is particularly difficult to believe that a "high level employee" in good standing with the company would choose to anonymously publish a letter on the web rather than engage their fellow executives in a constructive manner, but regardless of whether the letter is real, fake, exaggerated or written with ulterior motivations, it is fair to say that the senior management team at RIM is nonetheless fully aware of and aggressively addressing both the company’s challenges and its opportunities.


Security Researchers Discover 'Indestructible' Botnet

Security researchers say they have discovered an "almost indestructible bot" of more than four million PCs, 25% of which are in the United States. Thanks to ghost6303 for the link.

More than four million PCs have been enrolled in a botnet security experts say is almost "indestructible". The botnet, known as TDL, targets Windows PCs and is difficult to detect and shut down. Code that hijacks a PC hides in places security software rarely looks and the botnet is controlled using custom-made encryption.


Google+ Invites Halted Due To 'Insane' Demand

Google's Vic Gundotra, the guy spearheading Google+, announced late last night that the company is temporarily halting invites due to insane demand for the new service.

We've shut down invite mechanism for the night. Insane demand. We need to do this carefully, and in a controlled way. Thank you all for your interest! For any who wish to leave, please remember you can always exit and take your data with you by using Google Takeout. It's your data, your relationships, your identity.


Tests Show Wireless Network Could Harm GPS Systems

A new report says that the proposed nationwide wireless broadband network could actually interfere with GPS systems. Thanks to Bill Ward for the link!

They say that sensitive satellite receivers _ designed to pick up relatively weak signals coming from space _ could be overwhelmed when LightSquared starts sending high-powered signals from as many as 40,000 transmitters on the ground. GPS signals, they say, will suffer the way a radio station can get drowned out by a stronger broadcast in a nearby channel.


Judge Lets Wi-Fi Case Proceed Against Google

It looks like Google's legal team will be getting some overtime this summer. eek!

Google Inc can be sued for allegedly violating federal wiretap law in a lawsuit over the data collection methods of its Street View cars, a judge has ruled. U.S. District Judge James Ware in San Francisco late Wednesday rejected Google's request to dismiss the lawsuit.


Dial-up Sound Slowed Down 700%

Most if us have been on broadband so long that the sound of dial-up is terrifying regardless what speed it is played at. big grin This is still pretty nifty:


Gaming [H]eadlines

Dead Rising 2: Off the Record In October @ Shacknews

Hellgate Beta Opens @ Blue's News

Minecraft 1.7 Is Out @ Joystiq

Uncharted 3 Beta Impressions @ Kotaku

Microsoft's Ballmer Responds to Calls For his Ouster

It would have been hilarious if Ballmer would have just said "blow me." Not enough CEOs these days say that, even though we all know they are thinking it. big grin

Ballmer, who is known for his loud, direct style, responded by saying, "YOU TELL ME if I lack energy or conviction, or we're not driving all the change we need to drive," according to GeekWire, which offered an audio clip of the question and its answer. The question kicked off some nervous laughter from the audience, but the response itself produced a round of applause.


[H]ot Deals

Just in time for the weekend, we have a handful of really good deals for you guys in today's [H]ot Deals forum thread. Remember, the coupon codes for the items listed below won't last forever so you'd better get in on the deals while the getting is good.

  • Corsair Dominator 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 1333MHz = $53.99 + Free Shipping

  • Noctua 120mm and 140mm SSO CPU Cooler = $65.99

  • OCZ Vertex 3 Series 2.5in 240GB SATA III MLC SSD = $519.99 + Free Shipping