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Sunday July 31, 2011

Scotland Yard Identifies LulzSec Hacker

We reported on Wednesday that Scotland Yard had arrested a man who they believed to be the Internet hacker named Topiary and few details other than the original statement. More information has been released identifying the man as 18 year old Jake Davis from Yell, a northern island in the Shetlands. Davis faces five charges in court on Monday.

The @LulzSec Twitter feed has not been updated since July 27, the day of Davis' arrest. A recent tweet from the @AnonymousIRC feed encouraged officials, in all caps, to free Topiary and other hackers who have been arrested in recent weeks, including "tflow."


Norwegian Retailer Pulls Violent Games in Wake of Attack

Coop Norway, one of the largest retailers in Norway is pulling 51 games and toys from its shelves. The merchandise was deemed violent and pulled due to the recent tragedy that killed 77 people. When and if the games will ever be returned to the shelves has not been determined.

"The decision to remove the games was made around the time we realized the scope of the attack," Coop Norway Retail director Geir Inge Stokke said, according to a Norwegian newspaper report.


British Telecom Ordered to Blacklist Usenet Search Engine

Newzbin2 has been blocked by British Telecom by order of a judge over what the judge deemed copyright infringement. The court order was prompted by complaints lodged by six major Hollywood movie studios. The suits brought by the studios could be just the beginning of future legal actions according to the results of this test case.

That law states that a court can "grant an injunction against a service provider, where that service provider has actual knowledge of another person using their service to infringe copyright."


Researchers Expose Undeletable Cookie Technology

The founder of KISSmetrics has confirmed what researchers at UC Berkeley reportedly discovered: cookie technology that cannot be deleted or evaded by known means. The discovery has more than just a few internet security analysts concerned.

KISSmetrics is a 17-person start-up founded in 2008 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Founder Hitten Shah confirmed that the research was correct, but told Friday morning that there was nothing illegal about the techniques it was using.


Foxconn Plans to Create a Million Robot Army

In a move to cut growing labor expenses , Foxconn will be replacing its human workers with robot counterparts over a three year period. From the present level of 10K robots, Foxconn will eventually build an army of one million robots to handle all of the menial tasks now performed by humans. Foxconn is infamous because of the high rate of suicide among its employee work force. Now if the new robot work force goes the suicide route, there is definitely a problem in the factories.


Gundam Car Nav Software Available for iPhone

Okay, now this is a bit different, but coming straight from Japan, it’s business as usual. From the land of weird and impractical inventions comes the Gundam Car Navigation System for the iPhone. No longer are you limited to listening to your TomTom or Garmin tell you where to go, now you can fight your way to the destination. Who says commuting has to be boring? big grin


Google TV Revue Returns Greater Than Sales

Logitech reports the company lost $30M in the first quarter, mainly attributed to Google-TV related products. The losses have prompted Logitech to fire its CEO and drop the price of the Revue to $99 from $249. Logitech is now seeing more returns than sales on the Google powered Revue box.

Still, neither Logitech nor Google are giving up on Google TV. Both partners believe the platform will be successful for the long haul over time.


Windows XP PCs Breed Rootkit Infections

Rootkit infections are alive and well and living in your local XP setup. That is pretty much the finding by Avast Software after a survey of 600K Windows based systems. The percentage of infection to market share shows Windows XP far out of proportion to the remainder of the other systems.

Vlcek assumed that many of the people running XP SP2, which Microsoft stopped supporting with security patches a year ago, have declined to update to the still-supported SP3 because they are running counterfeits.


NASA Space Program Not So Green

The space program has proved itself in many ways, but exploring pristine space has a large environmental cost here on Earth. NASA estimates that complete cleanup of the remnants of space shots going all the way back to the Apollo Program will take decades and the cost will run close to one Billion dollars.

Most of the contamination occurred before federal standards and science caught up with the potential dangers, and today's launches contribute little to the environmental pollution.


Apple Ousts Nokia as Top Smartphone Vendor

For 15 years, Nokia has dominated the cellphone market as the number one company in global sales, but that run has ended with Apple taking the number one slot and Samsung taking over second place. Nokia global market share fell from a high of 38% last year to just over 15%. The overall market grew by over 11%, led by Apple and Samsung.

The shrinking feature phone market had a great impact on some of the world's largest suppliers of mobile phones, such as Nokia, which is losing share in the feature phone category to low-cost suppliers, said the report.


29 Universities Seek to Build High-Speed Networks

A project is under way across the United States in small college towns to bring the surrounding communities around the college/university into the world of ultra high-speed data networking. The project is known as Gig.U: The University Community Next Generation Innovation Project. Try saying that three times quickly. big grin

"These networks drive economic growth," said University of Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton. "It will turn the entire city into a laboratory for high-bandwidth technology."


77 Law Enforcement Websites Hit in Mass Cyber Attack

Well, they’re back with a vengeance against the FBI in retaliation for actions against the hacktivist group Anonymous. AntiSec hit 77 law enforcement departments, all located on the same server unfortunately. The breach exposes the personal information of more than 7000 officers.