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Sunday October 30, 2011

YouTube to Launch 100 Celebrity Channels

YouTube will be bringing original content from "dozens of media companies" and partnering with well-known celebrities in the near future. The celebrity channels will feature the likes of Madonna, Ashton Kutcher, Shaq O’Neil and dozens of participating businesses like the Wall Street Journal, The Onion and more.

"The first of these new original channels will appear on YouTube starting next month and will continue over the next year,"


Groupon Mulls Raising IPO Price

Groupon is considering another adjustment to its IPO bid just prior to the pricing date on November 3rd. Groupon has organized a roadshow for potential investors to boost the overall worth of the company prior to the final filings this week.

The company is now considering raising the price range and could file an amended IPO prospectus early next week, said a source familiar with the situation.


Samsung Dethrones Apple as Smartphone Leader

For all of you Apple bashers out there, I bring you glad tidings: The King is dead, long live the King. The new king in this case would be Samsung, or according to what stats you prefer, Nokia. Apple has fallen behind both in overall revenue and volume sold. We’re number 3, we’re number three! That just doesn’y have the same ring to it. (no pun intended) big grin

All the while, Samsung is still wrapped up in a massive legal spat with Apple and has still managed to grab the crown. Hat tip to you, Samsung.


Minecraft Awarded GameCity Videogame Arts Prize

You can pretty much call Minecraft a pre-released success, considering four million gamers have already bought the beta. To add to its list of accomplishments, Minecraft has won the GameCity arts prize for computer games. The official release is scheduled for November.

The game was selected over rivals from big name publishers, including Valve and Electronic Arts' Portal 2 and Microsoft's Ilomilo.


Walking Dead, CDC and Zombies on Emergency Preparedness

Based on the success and exposure from the hit TV show Walking Dead, the CDC is successfully raising awareness of being prepared for anything, even a zombie Apocalypse. If you can be prepared for a zombie onslaught, you can survive any emergency. That’s a great way to ride the wave of zombie popularity to accomplish the goal of civil preparedness in the face of a disaster.

Organizers hoped the theme would attract more volunteers than previous simulations of industrial accidents or train crashes. As an extra treat, they're offering prizes for the most outstanding costume and makeup and the best zombie walk.


Anonymous Threatens to Destroy Fox News

I hope those guys with Anonymous are getting overtime for all the effort they have been putting out lately. Not only are they brave enough to take on a Mexican drug cartel, but now their next target is Fox News for what it considers to be slanted reporting of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Operation Fox Hunt will commence on November 5th which just happens to be on Guy Fawkes Day. Tell me that Anonymous doesn’t have a sense of humor and irony. big grin

Today is Dennis Ritchie Day

One of the greats of the computing industry recently passed away, but his passing was overshadowed by the death of Steve Jobs and the publicity associated with that event. Chances are the name Dennis Ritchie isn’t that familiar to most, even in the computer world. If you use C, C++, or Unix, you are part of his legacy.

Steve Jobs died there was a wide lament, but it's worth noting that the resurgence of Apple depended a great deal on Dennis' work with C and Unix.


Apple Rumored to Take on Google's 3D Maps with Superior Technology

It’s looking more and more like Apple has purchased the Swedish 3D mapping company, C3, according to reports. For some time now, Apple has been purchasing several mapping companies, fueling speculation that at some point Apple would challenge Google in mapping technology.


Saturday October 29, 2011

Netflix Takes Up a Third of All Internet Bandwidth in North America

Netflix, even when wounded, is still quite dangerous to the overall health of the Internet. With its users declining because of questionable business moves, it is still responsible for almost one third of all peak traffic on the Internet.

Across all countries, real-time entertainment applications make up 60 percent of peak downstream traffic, an increase from 50 percent in 2010.


How Anonymous is Threatening a Mexican Drug Cartel

It seems that Anonymous is changing its ways and taking on projects that actually make a difference to the well-being of the general population…..or maybe the group has suddenly developed a death wish. Anonymous is taking on a Mexican drug cartel. It would benefit them if they all stay true to their group name wink

News Image


Siri Cannot Understand the Scottish Accent

If you ever spent time watching Star Trek and couldn't completely understand everything Mr. Scott was saying, Siri shares your pain. Many Scots who bought Apple’s latest iPhone are having trouble communicating with the application. Siri simply can’t pick up the accent.

While voice-recognition software is far from perfect, Siri is considered to be unique in its field and ahead of its game, particularly for the general consumer market.


Ford Adds Mobile Phone Blocking to My Key

Ford is claiming an industry first adding features to their My Key system. Parents can set My Key to block all cell phone calls and text messages for their kids while driving. Other features will be added to the system such as stereo levels and car speed in the future.

"MyKey can give parents peace of mind when they hand the keys over to their kids"