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Saturday March 31, 2012

Chrome 18 Released to Stable Channel

Pretty soon Google Chrome is going to run low on numbers for all of its versions. It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new version that has just been released. The newest is officially v. 18.0.1025.142, but don’t attempt to memorize it because it will change within the next few days. big grin

While the specific exploits used against Chrome in this year's Pwnium competition had been fixed shortly after they were discovered, the new patches are the first of Google's efforts to harden the browser against similar exploits in the future


Is Facebook Building a Search Engine to Rival Google?

According to a report from Businessweek, Facebook has dedicated a team of 20 engineers with an ex-Google programmer at the helm working on an internal search engine for Facebook. With Google making a push for Facebook’s prime market with Google+, it stands to reason that Facebook would retaliate with a search engine. The lines between companies are beginning to blur quite a bit.

If the Businessweek report is true, however, it will add yet another area of heightened competitive overlap between the two Silicon Valley giants.


Microsoft Windows 8 Has User-Friendly Reinstall Button

Some of the new features on the upcoming Windows 8 OS will be welcomed while others will not. The new reinstall feature will be well received by most of its users. With the ‘no need for installation disc’ technology and simple and easy to use interface, this should be one of the more popular additions.

If you wanted to just perform a complete, fresh install of Windows, would you be able to find your original Windows install disc?


Anonymous' 'Operation Blackout' Goes Dark; DNS Just Fine

Anonymous, where art thou? Looks like Anonymous was a no-show at their own party to shut down the Internet today. The temporary shutdown was supposed to be midday and the time has passed in the Western Hemisphere without incident. Trial run, or inability to deliver?

The alleged plan by Anonymous members was to exploit a known vulnerability in DNS servers through the use of an attack utility known as "Ramp," or "reflective amplification."


Apple’s Biogas Fuel Cell Plant Could Go Live By June

If you are one of the many detractors that feel Apple is full of…. well, hot air, you are partially correct. Apple’s new iCloud facility in Maiden, NC will be powered by 24 X 200 kW fuel cells producing 4.8 megawatts to completely power the new facility using biogas. The biogas will take the form of methane produced from animal waste (grown locally) big grin

News Image


Opera Mini 7 Released for Android Phones

Web Browser developer Opera Software released its latest Opera Mini browser for Android smartphones, which boasts faster hardware acceleration plus some user interface tweaks. Available as a free download from the Android Market or Opera's mobile web site, Opera Mini 7 for Android features improved hardware acceleration that makes for faster browsing and smoother panning around web sites.

News Image


Raspberry Pi PCs Delayed Again Due to Lack of CE Mark

It looks like that Pi is going to be stale by the time you receive yours if you were even lucky enough to get your order in. Delay after delay is the order of the day for the Raspberry Pi mini-computer. The good news is the first batch has already shipped out…..kinda. big grin

Hopefully this is the final hurdle to be jumped over before the first batch of the PCs can finally be shipped to its customers.


HBO GO: Game of Thrones - Interactive Viewing Experience

If you are a fan of the Game of Thrones series on HBO and own an iPad, the new HBO GO App for iPad is a must have. The App is an interactive tool to get a more rewarding experience from the series, currently in its second season, along with direct connection to Facebook and Twitter for those of you who like to stay connected while watching.


Navy: We’re 4 Years Away From Laser Guns on Ships

The Office of Naval Research spokesman has told Wired that the next generation of naval weaponry is definitely on its way. The next-gen tech is of course the long awaited laser canons. The Navy will start taking bids within the next several months from defense contractors. Do you think this will help boost the Navy’s recruitment program or what? big grin

The Navy may be set on a smaller fleet, but apparently it wants that fleet making pew-pew-pew noises.


Zuckerberg Likely Picks Up $4.8 Billion in Stock Options

I’ve always heard the phrase "The rich get richer" and Mark Zuckerberg must have heard it too, because he’s about to become even richer. With the impending IPO looming, The Big Z is exercising his option picking up 120 million shares of Facebook for pennies on the dollar.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the shares, once worth $7.2 million, priced at current secondary market rates, are worth roughly $4.8 billion.


Today Is World Backup Day!

Though not widely publicized at this point, World Backup Day is catching on by word of mouth. For the second year in a row, computer users worldwide are being reminded about the importance of regular scheduled backups. The chances of a drive failure rises as the HDD ages, so do the smart thing and back up your drives today before you become an April Fool. big grin

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Sega Cancelling Games, Planning Layoffs

Sega will be going through a restructuring in the US and Europe that will result in layoffs and game cancellations. Sega blames the global economic downturn for the majority of the financial problems the company has been experiencing within the last year.

Sega did not specify which games it plans to cancel development on, or how many layoffs are on tap. In its note to investors, Sega said the change will result in a smaller company in a better position for "sustained profitability."