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Saturday June 30, 2012

61-Second Minute Arrives Today

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is giving you a gift today: the gift of time. It might not be much time, but what you do with that one second could be monumental…..or not. big grin If you have an atomic clock, check the time closely between 7:58 and 8:00 pm ET to see how your clock handles the change.

Today's events mark the 25th time, in total, that a leap second has been added to the official time in an effort to balance our timekeeping with the Earth's deceleration in rotation.


Last Chance to Back Up MobileMe Data

Do or die, today is the last day that you can move your files elsewhere from MobileMe. After today, all of what’s left there will not be recoverable. You had better hurry, the day is slipping away.

Today is the last chance to move your files over to iCloud and back up what can't be transferred, so if you haven't already done so, it's now or never.


Adobe Halts Flash Player Development for Android

Adobe announced on Friday that all future development of Flash player for Android smartphones will be halted. For phones already with Flash, Adobe plans to continue support by releasing security upgrades as needed.

Since Adobe is halting all development of the software, the company plans to modify settings on the Google Play store to limit the devices that can download the software


Gmail vs Hotmail vs Yahoo Mail: Who's on first?

We know there is a hotly contested race for the most used browser, with each party claiming the most users, but now the email providers are getting their licks in also. I guess the final tally and the ultimate winner really depends on whose creative math you use for the web-based email service numbers total.

Yahoo and Microsoft said they use ComScore to measure their numbers. Google said it does not comment on numbers generated by third parties.


Happy Birthday Google+!!

Google, why no party and fanfare for your social network as your baby turns a year old? In the midst of Google’s I/O developer conference, there was barely a passing remark on reaching the milestone. Google+ may not have lived up to the initial hype against Internet giant Facebook, but it does have 150 Million monthly users and that’s not a number to be easily dismissed.

"Google+ is the home base for all things that connect Google. It's the glue that holds it together. But for numbers, it is more like RC Cola, not Pepsi, as it relates to competing with Coke."


What is AWS and How Did It Bring Down Instagram?

Last night a powerful storm in Virginia knocked out the power and in turn, shut down the servers that many services use for cloud computing. The servers are part of Amazon Web Services (AWS) that provides service to businesses worldwide.

The outage to Instagram and other major sites shows that — despite massive hype and momentum in the Internet world — cloud computing isn’t necessarily a magic solution for businesses data and IT needs.


Windows 8 Bids Farewell to Windows Explorer Designation

What’s in a name exactly? Well according to Win8China, Microsoft thinks enough of Windows 8 upcoming release to break a long standing tradition and change the name of Windows Explorer to File Explorer. The function remains the same, only the name has changed.

The company used to use the File Manager name for an application in early versions of Windows that allowed users to create and manage files and directories.


Militant Group Responsible for Microsoft Office Bombing

Microsoft came under attack earlier this week….literally. A Microsoft office building in Athens was bombed and now the International Revolutionary Front, a Greek militant group, has claimed responsibility for the firebombing.

In a statement, the group said, "We chose this building because Microsoft is one of the most powerful companies of the computer sector ... which is now carrying capitalism on its shoulders."


Linksys Firmware Upgrade for Wi-Fi Routers Angers Users

Cisco is coming under fire this week for updating routers firmware automatically and unapproved by the end-users. The update pushes the user toward an unwanted cloud-based administration service.

"I do not want this. A cloud interface is not what everyone wants. Stop trying to make decisions as a corporation and what you think the people need".


First Private Deep Space Mission Will Search for Asteroids

You may not have been aware, but two weeks ago a kilometer-wide asteroid flew close to Earth undetected until it was only several days away. The B612 Foundation response to the near miss is Sentinel, an infrared telescope designed to spot asteroids while they are still in deep space.

The problem is that no comprehensive effort like Sentinel has ever been made to map every Near-Earth Asteroid. Asteroid velocities are tens of thousands of miles per hour, so by the time we spot one, it's generally too near for us to do anything but calculate the orbit and hope we'll live.


Twitter Ends Partnership with LinkedIn

Friday afternoon, Twitter announced that it was ending its syndication partnership with LinkedIn after a six-year association. Industry insiders are saying Twitter is considering cutting the ties with several more partners in the near future.

As Twitter matures, tightening the reigns makes sense. LinkedIn’s deal, and other syndication deals like it, essentially work against the entire aim of what Twitter has been trying to accomplish over the past eight or so months.


HP's First Window 8 Tablet Will Be for Business Users

Hewlett-Packard revealed on Friday that the first release its Windows 8 tablet will be intended for business customers, bypassing the Windows RT operating targeted for the consumer market in its initial release.

Some reports suggest HP and its fellow Windows PC builders are miffed at Microsoft for encroaching on their turf with the Surface tablets.