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Monday July 30, 2012

[H]ardware Round-Up II

Cases: NZXT Switch 810 Gun Metal Case @ Cowcotland

ETC.: Google Nexus 7 Tablet @ Legit Reviews

Power Supply: Corsair HX850 Professional Gold @ Hardware Secrets

Corsair HX850 Professional Gold @ techPowerUP!

Corsair HX850 Professional Gold @ Vortez

Corsair HX850 Professional Gold @ Hardware Heaven

Go Daddy CEO Is Gone, Daddy, Gone

It looks like there is a bit of a shake up at Go Daddy. The company announced a new CEO while the outgoing CEO will assume the role of Special Advisor for Strategy and Global Policy.

Go Daddy, the world's largest provider of Web hosting, domain name registrations and new SSL Certificates, today announced Chief Executive Officer Warren Adelman has decided to step down from his position as CEO and assume a new role at the company as Special Advisor for Strategy and Global Policy.


Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Mice and Keyboards

Latest mice and keyboards are the natural choice for mobility and productivity in Windows. For the past 30 years, Microsoft Corp. has introduced hardware that helps people interact better and more easily with Windows. Today, Microsoft Hardware continues the tradition with the introduction of new products that work beautifully with Windows 8.

News Image News Image News Image

Wedge Touch Mouse

  • Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse packs full functionality into an ultracompact frame that’s great for a mobile lifestyle. Small enough to fit in your pocket, the Wedge Touch Mouse is designed to complement your Windows experience in all its forms, providing four-way touch scrolling and navigation at your fingertips.

Wedge Mobile Keyboard

  • The new ultraslim Microsoft Wedge Mobile Keyboard brings full-size keyboard comfort, efficiency and speed to a tablet. Designed specifically for tablet users, Wedge Mobile Keyboard includes some of the most commonly used features, such as Windows Hot Keys and built-in media keys.

Sculpt Touch Mouse

  • Designed to provide comfort matched with portability, the Microsoft Sculpt Touch Mouse is a great solution for smooth and easy navigation with a Windows 8-based PC.

Sculpt Mobile Keyboard

  • The Microsoft Sculpt Mobile Keyboard provides an ideal balance of mobility, comfort and productivity. A full-size keyboard with Microsoft’s Comfort Curve design and Bluetooth connectivity, the Sculpt Mobile Keyboard is built to be the ideal travel companion.

Touch Mouse Updated Gesture Settings for Windows 8

  • As promised, the Microsoft Touch Mouse will obtain updated functionality specifically designed for Windows 8 with new gesture settings to easily navigate the new UI.


Automatic License Plate Readers: A Threat To Privacy

While the technology itself is actually kinda cool, it is what officials are doing with the data that has privacy advocates up in arms.

ALPRs are cameras mounted on stationary objects (telephone poles, the underside of bridges, etc.) or on patrol cars. The cameras snap a photograph of every license plate that passes them by capturing information on up to thousands of cars per minute. The devices convert each license plate number into machine-readable text and check them against agency-selected databases or manually-entered license plate numbers, providing an alert to a patrol officer whenever a match or "hit" appears.


[H] Reader Rig of the Day

I spotted this system in the "2012 Post Pics Of Your Rig" thread. The system belongs to [H] forum member BadmAu5 and, I think you'll agree, this rig is as clean and well laid out as you get. cool

News Image News Image News Image

University Sues Apple Over Speech Recognition Patents

A university in Taiwan has filed a lawsuit against Apple claiming patent infringement. Apple reportedly laughed and said "get in line." wink

A Taiwan university has filed a patent infringement suit against Apple (AAPL) in a U.S. court over the iPhone maker's Siri speech recognition system, which lets users place calls or perform other tasks with voice commands, and is seeking undisclosed damages.


Feds To Mobile Users: Drop Dead

To be fair to the feds, isn't that what they always say? Heck, at least they are consistent. big grin

Mobile networks are running out of capacity. But the federal government is doing everything it can to weasel out of a White House promise to free up some of its vast stockpile of radio spectrum.


Facebook Rolls Out "A More Beautiful View of Photos"

And so begins the countdown to the onslaught of "I hate this new feature" complaints and calls for Facebook to revert back to the "old" way. wink

Now when you click Photos at the top of your timeline, you’ll see larger pictures that fill up the page. You can use the menu to find shots you’re tagged in, pictures you’ve shared and albums you’ve created. With your Facebook photos all in one section, it’s simple to show friends your favorites. Click the star button to make important photos stand out.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Dead Island Devs Trademark 'Dead Stop' @ Shacknews

Deadlight Review @ Kotaku

MMO Week in Review @ Massively

PC Dawnguard Info "This Week" @ Blue's News

MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning Overclocking Redux

Our MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning overclocking redux article is now online for your viewing pleasure. Hit the link and see just how far our in-house graphics gurus pushed this card.

News Image

Today we are revisiting the MSI GeForce GTX 680 Lightning video card with its long-promised GPU and RAM voltage tweaking Afterburner software. We test both the stock BIOS and "LN2 BIOS" to find the best possible gaming experience the Lightning has to offer, and determine if the performance justifies the price.


AMD Reportedly Reshuffling Executives in China

DigiTimes, citing anonymous industry sources, claims that AMD is reshuffling company executives in China. According to the article, AMD had no comment on the rumor.

Seeing its performance still not able to pick up, and both market share and shipments both weaker than expected, AMD Greater China is reportedly to go through an executive reshuffle with vice president Le Jiaming said to have already resigned his post, while some executives in Taiwan may also resign after August, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.


Woman Gets Grant To Photograph Facebook Friends

Raise your hand if you knew there was grant money out there so you could travel the world taking pictures of your Facebook friends. eek!

In the last eight months, I have raised almost $20, 000, completed over 100 portraits, photographed 163 Facebook "friends", traveled to 11 states across the country and nearly 50 cities/towns. I have traveled by plane, train, subway, bus, car, bike and on foot. I continue to be surprised by the number of people, especially (the real life) total strangers, who have opened their homes to me, sharing their lives, their stories, their food, their gardens and their families while allowing my camera to document it.