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Wednesday February 27, 2013

Starbucks Customers Get 15 Free NYT Articles Daily

Every day while drinking your ridiculously overpriced unpronounceable coffee, you will now be able to peruse 15 articles per day from the New York Times, absolutely free, over Starbucks in-house AT&T; Wi-Fi coverage. Now wait for the price of coffee go up at Starbucks. big grin

The 15 articles available through Starbucks are in addition to the 10 free monthly ones. The catch, however, is that the Times’ chooses the free Starbucks stories. It offers them on a special landing page.


New App Turns Your iPhone Into a Mobile Urine Lab

With all of the standard urine jokes aside, this App for inexpensive in-house testing could actually be a life saver to some. The Ucheck is the brainchild of MIT graduate Myshkin Ingawale, and will analyze the results of the test strips by color match, a simple comparison process easily done by the user. Ucheck will be initially be available to iOS users and later to Android users. The App will be $.99 and the test kit will be priced at $20 dollars. The jokes may now commence. big grin

With the color comparisons as a guide, the app analyzes the results, and comes back in seconds with a breakdown of the levels of glucose, bilirubin, proteins, specific gravity, ketones, leukocytes, nitrites, urobilinogen and hematuria present in the urine.


Stardock DeskScapes 8 Now Supports Windows 8

An old favorite of Windows users, Stardock DeskScapes, has been released for use on Windows 8. Version 8.0 is fully compatible with the new Windows 8 operating system and can be customized to conform to the user’s imagination in creating personalized desktop animations.

DeskScapes 8.0 allows users to customize existing desktop wallpapers with animations and over 40 special effects. Users can also apply, and create, specially animated desktops created using Stardock’s own proprietary Dream format.


AMD Catalyst 13.2 Beta 7 Download

Directly on the heels of the beta 6 release, AMD has released beta 7 to address an intermittent hang seen in Crossfire configurations with the new Crysis 3 patch.

This AMD Catalyst 13.2 BETA 7 driver is compatible with AMD Radeon HD 5000, HD 6000 and HD 7000 Series graphics cards. This display driver supports Windows Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8.


AMD Unveils New Hair Processing Technique: TressFX

Dull, lifeless hair ruining your social life? Well don’t look to AMD for the remedy, it’s not that kind of hair processing. big grin AMD has introduced its TressFX Hair tech which ushers in a new technique for the rendering of individual hair strands in video games, bringing the characters that much closer to actual life-like figures.


EA Partnership with MS to be Announced at Xbox Unveiling?

Microsoft may be making a partnership announcement at the press conference on April 26th at the unveiling of the Xbox 720. According to reports from the ComputerAndVideoGames website, sources have reported that Electronic Arts, the primary partner of Sony, will sign a new partnership agreement with Microsoft, but exactly what will be included in the dealings is uncertain at this time.

EA representatives were notably absent from Sony's PlayStation 4 announcement last week, although the company has pledged to support the console.


Adobe Patches Flash Bugs, Attackers Targeted Firefox Users

If you are a Firefox user and missed the update released yesterday, Adobe has patched three security flaws that specifically targeted the Mozilla Firefox browser. The Tuesday release of the patches is Adobe’s fourth updated security release in 2013 alone for Flash Player vulnerabilities.

The update affects all versions of Flash on Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Users can download the latest version from the Adobe website, or turn on background updates and let the software grab the version automatically.


Larry Ellison Buys Hawaii’s Island Air

Ah, the many different and varied problems of being a multi-billionaire, one of which was apparently how to get to Lanai, your own tropical island paradise. Larry Ellison, The Oracle CEO, has solved this problem of problems by purchasing Island Air, the Hawaiian Islands flight service which covers all of the Hawaiian Islands. Private planes are great: having your own airline, priceless. big grin

"The entire Island Air team pulled together over the past year to restructure and position the company for success and this sale represents the culmination of that process," said Les Murashige, Island Air president. "We welcome Mr. Ellison and we look forward to an exciting future together."


Coinstar-PayPal Coin-Counting Kiosks Expanding

Paypal has announced the partnership between the company and Coinstar is continuing to grow and expand into several new states. The Kiosks are usually found in large complexes containing grocery stores and discount super stores, taking your saved coins and turning them into currency or deposit into your PayPal account. The Kiosks are beginning to turn into the poor-man’s ATM. cool

The partnership with Coinstar was first announced last spring, as one of PayPal’s earlier forays into establishing a presence for itself outside our mobile phones and PCs, by integrating with technology found out in the real world.


Microsoft Releasing Business Versions of Office 365 Today

Microsoft is adding three new Office 365 packaging versions to the mix to cater to all sizes of business applications. The added packages, Office Pro 365, Midsize and Small Business Premium will all be available for purchase starting today.

Pricing for the new Office 365 business offerings is the same as what Microsoft's been telling partners it would be since late last year.


Amazon Warns of New Kindle App for iOS

If you are about to download the newest update to the Kindle App, get your hand off that button! Amazon is warning users of a known issue with this update that will effectively wipe out all of your stored books and log you out. The new App was obviously created by The Nook's software team. big grin

"There is a known issue with this update," Amazon writes in the app’s current What’s New notes in the App Store. "If you are an existing Kindle for iOS user, we recommend you do not install this update at this time."


Dropbox Clears 1B File Uploads Per Day

Dropbox is claiming that its 100 million users upload a billion files per day. Holy crap, can that number be right? eek!

People save 1 billion files every day to Dropbox's online storage service, Chief Executive Drew Houston said today at the Mobile World Congress show here. In addition, the company's 100 million users tap into the service with 500 million devices, he said. The statistics shows major growth for a company founded in 2007 when today's high-end smartphones only just were emerging.