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Sunday March 31, 2013

Just How Much Do People Hate Windows 8?

If you think just about everybody truly hates Windows 8, you may be surprised to find that isn’t really the case. The number of dissatisfied customers is far less than one would expect if you believe all of the noise coming from the Internet over the initial release. A recent comparison was compiled using ratings from a sampling of 3K Windows 8, 7 and Vista users to obtain an overview of how each fared on rollout.

Windows 8 is indeed less popular than Windows 7, which has very high approval ratings. But it’s far more popular than Windows Vista, which was well and truly hated.


Facebook To Reveal "Home On Android" April 4th

Facebook has sent out invitations to media outlets to attend a press event on Thursday. Presumably the press conference will be to announce a long awaited Facebook Phone which has been rumored for years. This appears not to be a full on version of a Facebook Phone, but more like a Facebook based ‘flavored’ phone running a customized Android operating system.

This announcement might not be a Facebook Phone, but rather a Facebook phone one where everything the user sees is social by design, even if the handset’s innards are made by someone else.


Epic Uptime Achievement: Can You Beat 16 Years?

This has to be some sort of a record somewhere: a computer server running 16.5 years straight without failure and never shutting down. The unit running Netware 3.12, was just recently shut down after bearing failure from the pair of SCSI hard drives. I’m wondering if the hard drives are still covered under warranty. big grin

Easing yourself into the week, you idly thumb through a magazine, and read about Windows NT 4.0, released just a couple of months previous. You wonder to yourself whether Microsoft's hot new operating system might finally be worth using.


Sony Recycling Cyber-Shot and Walkman Branding?

Sony is rumored to be introducing three new lines of smartphones and two of them will carry some old familiar names associated with quality products. The Cyber-Shot phone will focus heavily on the phone’s camera system and the Walkman phone will, as expected, have a heavy emphasis on audio qualities.

In their day, the original Cyber-shot and Walkman phones were among the very best you could buy, and hardware such as the K800 attracted the same adoration that the Lumia 920 or 808 PureView’s camera performance does today.


Google Doodle of Caesar Chavez Lays an (Easter) Egg

Google is usually right at the top of their game when celebrating special days with their Google Doodles, but not so this Easter. Google’s decision to honor Cesar Chavez over the celebration of Easter, has been met with controversy, generating negative comments from all corners of the Internet. Yay or Nay on the Chavez doodle?


WalMart Explores Customer to Customer Delivery

WalMart is looking into the possibility of using regular Walmart customers to deliver packages to online customers to speed deliveries while cutting shipping costs for the company. The plan is in very early stages of development and will not get to the testing phase for at least a year.

A plethora of start-ups now help people make money by renting out a spare room, a car, or even a cocktail dress, and Wal-Mart would in effect be inviting people to rent out space in their vehicle and their willingness to deliver packages to others.


Square Enix Launches Final Fantasy V for iOS

Square Enix has launched Final Fantasy V for iOS devices in the Apple App Store. The graphics and controls have been updated and optimized for modern mobile devices. Many companies are jumping on the retro wagon, bringing nostalgic gamers back to the popular games of 20+ years ago.


Brits Approach (True) Speed of Light Over Fiber Cable

Researchers at the University of Southampton have managed to create a method to speed up the data flow through fiber optical cables. The research team managed to achieve speeds approaching 99.7% of the speed of light. Do not look for this technology from your local ISP anytime in the near future. big grin

Typical fiber cables are made from silica glass, which causes refractions that delay the signal. Researchers have long sought to use air instead of glass, but the problem is getting the signal to follow the cable through bends and curves.


Apple Patent Shows Wraparound iPhone Screen

Apple files more patents per year than McDonalds sells in burgers, but every once and awhile one gets spotted that actually may make it into production. Apple has applied for a patent on a wraparound AMOLED screen, that when opened expands to double the iPhone viewable screen area.


16 Peep Creations That Put Your Easter Basket to Shame

In honor of Easter, we present you with the iconic Peeps, not for your eating pleasure unfortunately, but for a great display of what Peeps can do in the hands of an artist. The great asset to Peep Art is once you have taken in the uniqueness of its art, you can eat it and enjoy it anew. big grin Here’s wishing everyone a Happy Easter!


World Backup Day is Today: Backup Your Data!

Today is World Backup Day: a day set aside to remind you that you need a regular backup plan, automatic preferably and offsite if possible. With the introduction of Cloud storage, the process is becoming much simpler, but trusting all your information to a single site isn’t such a good idea either. Since it’s also Easter, we remind you not to put all of your eggs in just one basket. big grin


Microsoft Announces April 1st Xbox Live Sale

Leave it to Microsoft to announce a one day only sale smack-dab on April Fools’ Day. This sounds more like something from the Onion rather than from Microsoft. big grin In any case, we think it’s real and will only be available April 1st. Check it out.

Microsoft's been ramping up sales on Xbox Live in recent months, likely as the company is trying to maximize profits before the next-generation Xbox console is released.