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Sunday June 30, 2013

Nintendo Loses Appeal for Domain

Just because you are a big powerful international corporation, that doesn’t always give you the right to something that isn’t rightfully yours. Nintendo found this out the hard way recently when the company was denied its appeal to own the domain. Looks like Nintendo was nine years late to the party.

The unknown owner of the domain first registered it in 2004, well before Nintendo ever debuted or released the original Wii console, let alone the Wii U. It's thought that the name was simply part of a mass registration of four-letter domains and, in this case, the owner struck gold.


Bing Maps Reveals Russia's Secret Stealth Fighter Jet

Google may have the monopoly in showing drunks on the curbs, half-naked people hanging laundry and the occasional dead body, but Bing has cornered the market for revealing things of top secret military nature. It looks like the once thought defunct Russian stealth fighter jet is still alive and kicking. Oops! Sorry Russia. big grin

News Image


University of Michigan Activates Antimatter 'Gun'

How would you like to have a table-top sized ‘gun’ capable of firing anti-particle positrons that mimic the jet streams emitted from black holes? You could be the hit of the next neighborhood block party. As an anti-matter-of-fact, you could probably wipe out the entire block. Don’t rush out to buy one, it’s not quite ready for your local Radio Shack just yet. big grin

The researchers report that each blast of their gun lasts just 30 femtoseconds, but each firing results in the production of quadrillions of positronsa density level comparable to those produced at CERN.


Computer from 1983 Movie WarGames Up for Sale

In the market for a slightly used computer from 1983 that just happens to have a bit of movie provenance going for it? No, it’s not the W.O.P.R. that’s for sale, but the one Matthew Broderick used to hack into W.O.P.R. and start the ball rolling toward WW3.

The IMSAI 8080 was an early microcomputer running on the 2MHz Intel 8080 processor. The 8080 was one of the most important chips of the early personal computer era, and found its way into many devices.


Happy 6th Birthday, iPhone!

Some products are so revolutionary that you could swear that they have been around forever. The iconic Apple iPhone is one of those products. It’s been six years and 356 Million sold units later and the iPhone is still sitting on top of the smartphone heap. Happy 6th iPhone! cool

Since the first iPhone model became available on June 29, 2007, the device has been through more than five updates, with the most recent iteration the iPhone 5 released in September, 2012. With each update, the latest iPhone generated a media frenzy and long lines at Apple stores across the world.


Microsoft Confirms DirectX 11.2 is a Windows 8.1, Xbox One Exclusive

Good news and bad news: The good news is that Microsoft has announced it will be releasing DirectX 11.2 in time for the release of the Xbox One and Windows 8.1. Now for the bad news: The release will only be for Xbox One and Windows 8.1. So much for retro support, huh?big grin

It's a clever trick, and one that could help boost the quality of future PC games - but it's one that will require those who have yet to take the plunge to upgrade their operating systems. Leblond confirmed that Direct3D 11.2 will be the first version of the API to support tiled resources, and that it will be exclusive to Windows 8.1 on the PC as well as featuring in Microsoft's next-generation Xbox One console.


Intel's TV 'Black Box Project' Being Tested by Employees

Approximately 2000 Intel employees are the subject of ongoing testing for the Intel TV set top box project known simply as the ‘Black Box Project’. The testing is in preparation for the rollout of the final version due out later this year.

With the test, Intel gathers information about areas such as order taking, logistics, usage habits, quality and stability of the product, the performance of the back-end system, and the responsiveness of Intel's customer service system, known as "Audience Care."


Yahoo Killing Off 12 More Products Including AltaVista

Yahoo is extending its spring cleaning into the summer with the closure of 12 more products. Yahoo pledged to reduce its product lines down to the most used and popular applications. Sadly for the nostalgia buffs, the search engine Alta Vista is part of that chopping block reduction.

Notably, the biggest name on the list is AltaVista, which was one of the most popular search engines on the web in the late 1990s, but it fell out of favor once Google came on to the scene.


Apple to Replace Samsung Chips in 2014

According to a report from the Wall Street Journal, the long rumored split between Samsung and Apple will be official in 2014. Apple will be switching its processor business to Taiwan Semiconductor from Samsung beginning sometime in 2014.

TSMC executives say that the company's chips will begin shipping in Apple's devices in 2014. However, Samsung will remain "the primary supplier through next year," meaning that the iPhone and iPad refreshes expected in the fall of 2013 will continue to use Samsung-manufactured SoCs.


Google QUICkens Chrome with Network Speed-Boost

Google prides its Chrome Browser for its speed and is constantly finding new ways to make it even faster. Google has introduced ‘QUIC’ to selected dev channel users for a test run of its performance.

Google has a powerful interest in a faster Internet. Lower delays mean Web pages and services respond faster, and that generally means people use the Internet more.


Last Call for Nextel, Service Shutting Down Today

Beginning at Midnight Sunday morning, Sprint began to shut down Nextel iDEN cells across the US. Nextel’s push to talk was a unique feature, but the slow speed and lack of upgrades was the deciding factor on Nextel’s ultimate demise.

Though the iDEN network has already been thinned out as part of Network Vision, it’s still a working national network until the shutdown begins on Sunday.


Microsoft Teases 32 Xbox 360 Games for Sale Next Week

Microsoft plans to keep its promise of maintaining support for the Xbox 360 and plans to have an ‘Ultimate Game Sale’ starting next week. Microsoft will offer 32 game titles at reduced prices from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Larry Hryb, Microsoft's Xbox Live director of programming, posted a list of all the games that will go on sale during the course of next week, including several big-name games such as the recently released "Bioshock Infinite" and "Gears of War: Judgment."