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[H] Enthusiast Archives: August 2013Archive Listing

Saturday August 31, 2013

Nasdaq Blames Rival NYSE for 3-Hour Trading Outage

After an investigation into the cause for Nasdaq’s outage, the final verdict is in with the company running the Nasdaq had technical problems, but finger pointing at rival NYSE added to the findings for the failure.

"The combination of large system inputs and delayed outputs ultimately degraded the ability of the SIP system to process quotes to an extent that a shutdown of the system was in the broader public interest, to prevent information asymmetry and ensure fair conditions for all market participants."


Molyneux's 'Godus' Beta Launching in Sept.

22cans announced on Friday the beta of the crowdfunded game Godus will be available for purchase on September 13th for Windows and Mac platforms.


World of Warcraft Movie to Begin Filming

It’s official: The World of Warcraft will begin filming in January. Cast has not yet been announced. Hopefully the producers will do a better job of bringing a video game to the big screen. So far, the record on video-to-big screen has been dismal at best.

Rumors are pegging the movie to not be some PG-rated flick, but will be a full-blooded fantasy flick, in the same path as The Lord of the Rings and will reportedly follow the RTS games from the 90s.


Verizon Sends Angry Letters to 10TB FiOS Users

Verizon is joining the parade of ISPs that offer ‘unlimited bandwidth’, only to redefine the term unlimited when usage goes over the company’s pre-conceived notion of what unlimited actually means.

Verizon’s letter informs the affected users that they must decrease their usage to acceptable levels (under 10TB) by September 1st or they will be disconnected on September 18th.


Gamers Report Big Problems with SimCity for Mac

At least Mac owners trying to install SimCity don't feel left out from the myriad of problems the earlier rollout debacle suffered back in the spring when SimCity was released for the PC. If nothing else, you can say Electronic Arts is pretty consistent. big grin

Currently, the support pages for SimCity are dominated by messages from Mac owners reporting a wide variety of glitches.


China Confirms First Moon Visit Later This Year

China will be joining a very exclusive club this year with the landing of their rover on the moon, searching for rock samples. The unmanned Chang'e-3 moon landing mission will be launched sometime later this year.

Once there, however, the Chinese government has said it plans to build the first manned lunar outpost, an objective NASA has already abandoned. ®


Dell to Axe 1K-Plus Call-Center Enterprise Staff

Dell is beginning to restructure in the hopes of taking the company private and also to offset losses from the waning PC market. The position cuts will affect staff from all levels of Dell management, with the biggest cuts coming to the massive call center in India.

Those who can't be redeployed receive a competitive severance package, including outplacement assistance.


Google Kills Off Pet Projects by Engineers

If you will remember the innovative approach Google instituted a few years ago to solve problems and create new projects with free time given to engineers to work? Well, that’s all it is now: just a memory.

Now managers have clamped down on staff taking ’20 per cent time’ so as to avoid their teams falling down Google’s internal productivity rankings, according to online reports.


Postal Startup Draws the Scrutiny of the USPS

It’s has become obvious that the US Postal Service does not like direct competition from the small startup company, Outbox, that literally delivers the US mail for its clients electronically. The USPS sees their business as something else entirely.

One way or another, Outbox is determined to overturn the status quo in the world of mail delivery, continuing a trend started by the likes of UPS and FedEx. Ironically, the company’s run-in with the Postal Service only accelerated its efforts to changes the mail system.


GTA 5 Trailer Teases with Arguments and Chases

Rockstar has released the third of three game trailers prior to the official release of GTA 5 and presumingly their last before the September 17th premier. Just a gentle reminder from Rockstar that the long wait is just about over. cool


New Zealand Bans Software Patents

After five years of debate and an almost unanimous vote for the ‘software is not an invention’ faction, New Zealand has enacted a ban on future software patents.

It's an open question whether other countries will take up New Zealand's example. An outright ban on software patents in the US seems unlikely given the large corporations—in tech and other sectors—that would oppose such a move.


Need to Activate Windows 8.1? Use your Windows 8 Key

For all of you 'can’t stand to wait' early adopters out there, you may need to know how to activate your ‘legitimate’ leaked copy of Windows 8.1 RTM and it’s much simpler than you may think. Waiting until the official release date is also an option. wink

We can almost guarantee that rumors will circulate soon that Microsoft is blacklisting any key that is used to activate Windows 8.1 as these rumors always make their way around the Internet, but this scenario seems rather unlikely.