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[H] Enthusiast Archives: November 2013Archive Listing

Saturday November 30, 2013

Microsoft’s Xbox One Wins Early Sales Battle on Black Friday

Well, the tallies are in for Black Friday sales and the clear winner was Microsoft with the Xbox One (and even the Xbox 360) by a wide margin. The figures could be a little misleading since the PS4 was out of stock at many locations and limited at others.

Together, the Microsoft consoles had 61 percent of the market, and the next-generation consoles (the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One) had a total of 46 percent of the market.


The Ten Weirdest Computer Peripherals Ever Made

If you are old enough to have grown up with the computer industry, it was an adventure like no other. Technology changed rapidly and obsolescence was an everyday occurrence in hardware and software tech. Along the way, some really interesting and inventive devices made their way into the mainstream, only to be passed over by time and the ever increasing progress of the industry to be remembered only as a footnote in an archive.

News Image


Nuclear Launch Code at US Silos Was 00000000

For the better part of 20 years, all of the nuclear missiles in silos all over the US had their launch codes set to a combination of eight zeros. Forget WOPR trying to crack the launch codes in the movie War Games, all it would take is for someone to lean on the zero button for a second or two and World War 3 would have been upon us. eek!

Beyond foreign seizure, there was also simply the problem that many U.S. commanders had the ability to launch nukes under their control at any time. Just one commanding officer who wasn't quite right in the head and World War III begins


A Robot for Solar Panels That Keeps the Sun Shining Through

A new innovation in robot cleaning technology will be improving the efficiency of large-scale solar panel arrays. The Roomba-like robot is unique to other autonomous cleaners by moving from panel to panel on its own.

The use of robots to clean solar panels isn't a new idea, but typically they're tethered to rails and require every panel to have their own private robo-maid


This May Be a First: A PC Game Canceled After It’s Released

Most game companies will take your money for a game and if anything gets glitch, they fix it at their leisure and keep your hard earned cash. Not so with games publisher 505 Games. It’s a Christmas Miracle! big grin


Anti-Elop Fever within Microsoft is Astonishing

It looks like one more top candidate for the open CEO position at Microsoft has fallen out of favor and of the running according to a Bloomberg report.

One thing is certain: if Elop manages to defy his ruthless critics inside Microsoft and grab the CEO baton, he is going to start a purge that will clean out the upper ranks of the company with vengeance.


Apple Maps Gaining Ground on Google?

The king of the Internet mapping world has always arguably been Google, but surprisingly Apple Maps made significant improvements to their mapping platform and is poised to give Goggle a run for its money.

As today's iPad and MacBook-wielding students become more and more accustomed to Apple Maps, they will come to believe that it is how all maps should look and will question anything else they encounter.


Global NAND Flash Output Predicted to Rise 13% in 2014

DRAMeXchange has predicted that due to stabilizing NAND chip pricing and higher demand for solid state drives in PC’s and mobile devices, NAND output will rise dramatically for the second straight year.

Among all applications, demand for SSDs are set to enjoy to the highest growth in 2014 consuming 25% of the total NAND flash chips shipped compared to 13% in 2013


Philly Becomes First City to Ban 3D Gun Printing

Philadelphia may be the City of Brotherly Love, but the city council has no love at all for 3D printed guns. Earlier this week, Philadelphia became the first city to ban the manufacture of 3D printed guns within the city limits.

"It’s all pre-emptive. It’s just based upon internet stuff out there."


Chrome: Try Web Store Apps Without Installing Them

Google is working on a way for you to give Web Apps a test drive without actually having to install them first if a new Chromium feature finally works itself into the mainstream via Google Chrome.

There’s clearly still a lot of work to be done before we see this feature show up in Chrome, but given that the company is already making changes to the Chrome Web Store, it’s clear this is another one of those "when" instead of "if" questions.


Battlefield 4 DLC Unavailable on Xbox One

Microsoft is looking into reports that Second Assault DLC is not available for Xbox One users as was promised as an eleven day exclusive for Battlefield Premium buyers. What do you call broken promises from EA and Microsoft: Business as usual. big grin

Some were told the issue could not be resolved until next week - after the DLC's exclusivity period is up and it is released for other platforms.


World of Warcraft Movie Slips to March 2016

For those of you who keep track of progress on the World of Warcraft movie, prepare yourselves for another slight delay in its reported release scheduled in 2015.

Whether this glacial production pace negatively impacts the final film remains to be seen - assuming any of us are still alive when the movie finally debuts.