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[H] Enthusiast Archives: December 2013Archive Listing

Monday December 30, 2013

Pirate Bay Uploads Surged 50% In 2013

The entertainment industry's tireless efforts are finally paying off....for the pirates.

Over the past year copyright holders have worked hard to stop The Pirate Bay from operating, but without success. Despite several domain changes and ISP blockades in various countries the resilient torrent site keeps on growing. This growth is reflected in the number of uploaded torrents, which increased by 50% over the past year.


The NSA Has Nearly Complete Backdoor iPhone Access

Stories like this certainly makes you wonder how the NSA got this level of access to Apple devices.

"Either [the NSA] have a huge collection of exploits that work against Apple products, meaning they are hoarding information about critical systems that American companies produce, and sabotaging them, or Apple sabotaged it themselves," Appelbaum said at the Chaos Communication Conference in Hamburg, Germany.


AMD BF4 Mantle Delay

More BF4 news today. If you have been wondering where Mantle is for BF4, which was originally scheduled for a December release, this latest update from AMD informs us it has now been rescheduled to January.

After much consideration, the decision was made to delay the Mantle patch for Battlefield 4. AMD continues to support DICE on the public introduction of Mantle, and we are tremendously excited about the coming release for Battlefield 4! We are now targeting a January release and will have more information to share in the New Year.


BF4 Connectivity Issues Persist

I don't know why DICE posted an alert in its support forums about this because A.) If you own BF4, you know about the connectivity problems first hand and B.) If you are in the support forums looking for help, you should be getting an apology from DICE, not an "alert" warning you of ongoing issues. frown

DICE posted an alert on its support forums for Battlefield 4 to warn players of ongoing connectivity issues across multiple platforms. This is the latest update in a string of problems the game has faced since its launch in late October, which has seen multiple patches go live in the past few weeks.


NASA Controls Robot Using Kinect 2 And Occulus Rift

Watch NASA control this robotic arm with an Occulus Rift and the Kinect 2. It might look goofy but the tech behind it is pretty damn cool.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Capcom's Plans For 2014 @ Joystiq

MMOs That Died In 2013 @ Kotaku

New X-Motor Racing and Demo @ Blue's News

Xbox Games with Gold for January @ Shacknews


Our in-house graphics card gurus have just put the finishing touches on our evaluation of the ASUS ROG MATRIX PLATINUM R9 280X video card. If you are in the market for a new GPU, today's article is a must read.

Today we take ASUS' elite R9 280X product, the ASUS ROG MATRIX PLATINUM R9 280X video card, and put its advanced power phasing and board components to the test as we harshly overclock it. We compare it to an ASUS GeForce GTX 770 DirectCU II. Then we will put it head to head against the overclocked SAPPHIRE TOXIC R9 280X.


Report: Samsung, Apple In Talks To End Patent Battle

Hah! Like this will ever happen. How many times have these two called a truce? About as many times as they've sued each other. Hell, these guys sue each other as they continue to work together. roll eyes (sarcastic)

Despite a two-year legal battle that appeared to have no end in sight, Apple and Samsung have started discussing the possibility of inking a royalties deal and putting an end to all of their litigation, an official at the Korea Fair Trade Commission told the Korea Times in a report published on Sunday.


Intel Releases A Boatload Of Haswell Documentation

The folks at Phoronix gave us a heads-up that Intel has released a ton of Haswell documentation that should be of interest to many of you. Hit the link for all the info.

Intel's Haswell documentation is nearly 5,000 pages of new technical specifications and programming documentation and covers everything from mode-setting to the 3D engine to GPGPU to performance counters and video acceleration -- with the latter items being not something we've always seen by hardware companies when they've tried to be open about their drivers and documentation.


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cases: BitFenix Ronin Midi-Tower @ MadShrimps

ETC.: Desktop CPU Comparison Guide @ TechARP

Motherboards: ASUS A88X-PRO (FM2+) Motherboard @ eTeknix

Storage: Samsung 840 EVO mSATA SSD @ SSD Review

Video: HIS R9 280X iPower IceQ X2 Turbo Boost @ ChipLoco

Steam Reaches 7.6M Concurrent Users

Wow, Steam just hit the 7.6M concurrent users mark. Apparently the holidays are a great time of year to get caught up on some gaming.

More than 7.6 million of Steam's 65 million members logged in yesterday, December 29, setting a new record for peak concurrent usage. This is up from 7 million recorded over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and a high of 6 million in 2012.


MSI Z87M Gaming Micro ATX Motherboard

A review of the MSI Z87M Gaming motherboard has been posted today at Bjorn3D. If you need a mATX board for your next build, you'll want to check out this review.

MSI has already had a few entries of its gaming line for Z87 and now there is a third with the board we are looking at today the Z87M Gaming. This board is the mATX version for those looking for a smaller form factor gaming grade board. We have looked at the gaming series boards and they have proven quite capable while also offering a nice feature set at a great value.