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Saturday May 31, 2014

Deutsche Telekom Agrees to Sell T-Mobile USA to SoftBank

Japanese mobile corporation Softbank has an agreement in hand from Deutsch Telecom to purchase T-Mobile (USA). The deal, once completed, will join Softbank’s purchase of Sprint last year with Deutsch Telecom’s T-Mobile (USA). Final approval will depend on the findings of the FCC and Justice Department.

SoftBank CEO Masayoshi Son has pushed for a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile, saying a combined company is necessary to successfully compete with the two largest mobile carriers.


Reading Rainbow Is Coming Back Thanks to $2M from Kickstarter

Never doubt the power of Kickstarter or even Reading Rainbow for that matter. Thanks to all the believers in LeVar Burton’s concept of Reading Rainbow, Kickstarter donations have topped more than double of its initial goal.

It’s been interesting, because along this journey we have heard from many people in terms of our business modelódo you think Reading Rainbow is still relevant? Yesterday proved beyond the shadow of a doubt the relevancy of Reading Rainbow‘s mission.


Microsoft Acquires Rise of Nations Extended Edition

Microsoft has just announced that the company has acquired Rise of Nations and will be releasing the game in its extended form in June through Steam.

Microsoft's Rise of Nations: Extended Edition, adapted by Skybox Labs, will include the original game, released in 2003, and its expansion pack Thrones and Patriots. It will be getting some graphical upgrades such as improved water and textures


Google's Motorola Mobility to Close Texas Plant

Google’s Motorola Mobility division recently opened a manufacturing plant in Fort Worth, Texas. It was just announced that the plant would now be closing by the end of this year. The high cost of manufacturing in the US was cited as the main reason for the plant’s closure.

The plant-closing announcement comes four months after Google said it plans to sell the Motorola handset business to Chinese computer maker Lenovo Group Ltd. for $2.9 billion.


How LEDs Are Made

One of the mainstays of the electronics industry, the LED is taken for granted as one of the most useful and integral parts of any piece of electronics. Check out the article to see exactly LEDs are manufactured.

News Image


New Process Creates Clean Water from Cow Pies

Cow pies, cow poop, landmines or whatever you choose to name them; not just for growing magic mushrooms any longer.big grin Researchers from the University of Michigan have been knee deep in a new technology which could provide clean water from cow manure. The Fremen of Arrakis would approve. cool

This essentially amounts to a bovine stillsuit, a water reclamation device that helps reduce water waste.


College Student Finds Another eBay Security Flaw

Just when you thought it might be safe to go back to eBay, a student researcher has found yet another vulnerability that could compromise your sensitive information.

The second vulnerability could allow a hacker to fill a page with malicious code that would take your cookies. This would then allow the hacker to gain access to your account.


You Can Now Buy Bitcoin Mining Hardware from Walmart

This is just wrong on so many levels. Bitcoin mining used to be reserved for only the most serious computer geeks who built their own state of the art miners, but now it seems that all you need to do is to add it to your Walmart online shopping cart.

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Electronic Arts Shuts Down Mythic Entertainment Studio

If you remember playing Warhammer Online or Dungeon Keeper, The company that created those games, Mythic Entertainment, has been shut down by its parent company, Electronic Arts.

We are closing the EA Mythic location in Fairfax, Va., as we concentrate mobile development in our other studio locations.


Atari Games Rescued from NM Landfill Up for Sale

All of you amateur urban archeologists can stand down and not even think of following the lead of the crewsshifting through tons of garbage to rescue a portion of the 700K game cartridges buried by Atari in the 80’s. For now, the garbage pit has been refilled and what was unearthed will soon go up for sale.

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Elon Musk's Incredible New Space Machine

Russian rocket engines? We don’t need no stinkin’ Russian rocket engines, we have a Dragon to fly the US astronauts to the ISS. Elon Musk was showing off his latest space craft, the SpaceX Dragon V2 earlier this week.


'Gangnam Style' Hits 2 Billion YouTube Views

If we judge the net worth of YouTube by its most popular video, we are all doomed. Gangnam Style just became the first video to break the two Billion mark. The number two video is Justin Bieber’s Baby, at just over one Billion views. We’re all going to hell in a hand basket. big grin

That second billion took three times longer than the first, which was achieved just 159 days from the video's release on July 15th, 2012.