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[H] Enthusiast Archives: December 2015Archive Listing

Thursday December 31, 2015

[H]appy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hopefully all of you had a great time celebrating last night! With any luck, you have the day off today to recuperate watching a bowl game or the parade. For those of you stuck at work, we'll be here rounding-up a bit of tech news for you to help pass the time. As always, we appreciate you spending the new year (and every year) with us. Happy New Year!

Oculus Touch Controller Delayed

Although the Rift is on schedule for a Q1 launch, the Oculus Touch Controller has been delayed to the second half of 2016.

On the path to perfecting Touch, we’ve decided that we need more time before release, and we’ll now be shipping Touch in the second half of 2016. Pre-orders will open a few months prior to launch. On Touch hardware, we’ve made significant advances in ergonomics, and we’re implementing many changes that make Touch even more comfortable, reliable, and natural. We’re also implementing changes that improve hand pose recognition.


Gaming [H]eadlines

Biggest Stories of the Year 2015 @ Shacknews

FINAL FANTASY IX PC Plans @ Blue's News

Just Cause 3 Multiplayer Mod Coming @ GameSpot

Very Serious Game Awards 2015 @ VG24/7

Tor Project Launches Bug Bounty Program

If you have what it takes, you can make a little money on the side with Tor's bug bounty program. I'm not sure if the payouts will be as big as the ones Google hands out but I wouldn't be surprised if they are in the same ballpark.

Security flaws can not only be exploited by attackers but also sold on for use by governments and intelligence agencies. Exploit broker Zerodium, for example, offers up to $30,000 for previously unreported zero-day vulnerabilities impacting the Tor network. Bug bounties are a means to draft in additional help from security professionals to patch these problems. Offered by companies ranging from Google to Microsoft, bug bounties offer credit and sometimes financial rewards to researchers for reporting problems rather than selling them on in the underground or publishing them publicly before firms have a chance to fix issues.


2016 Promises To Be A Huge Year For Gaming

I'm not sure how promising 2016 will be for gaming when this list only has six games on it, two of which are PS4 exclusives.

AFTER you finish all of the video games you received for Christmas, there is no need to fret because 2016 promises to bring another year of fantastic releases. To get you excited for the future, we have compiled a list of the six biggest games set for release next year.


Using 3D Print Technology To Restore A Child’s Nose

It was just over five years ago that the first commercially available 3D printer hit the market. Today, doctors can 3D print a nose for a disfigured child. cool Imagine where we will be by 2020.

"The procedure is akin to a ‘nose transplant’ in that we were able to replace the nose with a functional implant," says lead physician Dr. Dagan. "This procedure may be a breakthrough in facial reconstruction because the patient will never have to deal with the standard issues of transplantation, such as tissue rejection or a lifetime of immunosuppressive therapies."


[H]ardware Round-Up

Cooling: SilverStone Tundra TD02-SLIM @ APH Networks

ETC.: Tt eSPORTS Ventus X Mouse @ Technology X

U-Tec Ultraloq UL3 Smart Lock @ Benchmark Reviews

Motherboards: BIOSTAR GAMING Z170X @ Vortez

Storage: Synology DS216se 2-Bay NAS @ eTeknix

Video: ASUS MG278Q 144Hz FreeSync Monitor @ PCPer

[H] New Year's Resolutions

It is New Year's Eve, the last day of the year and, since not much will be happening in the world of tech news, why don't we all make a New Year's resolution. Because we are all in different time zones, some of you will be celebrating sooner than others tonight and you might end up too drunk to make a resolution. So, to avoid missing the opportunity to make one of the biggest commitments of the year (that will be broken soon afterwards), let's all take a minute now to share our resolutions.

How A Threat To Drop AMC Could Kill The Cable Bundle

Wouldn't it be great if the current cable bundling system just went away? Imagine being able to buy a 25 / 50 / 100 channel package and select only the channels you want instead of being forced to buy a 200+ package to get the 25 channels you actually want.

A standoff between a consortium of small cable companies and AMC Networks could speed up the death of the cable bundle, sources tell The Post. The consortium, which represents about 4 million homes, is refusing to pay a demand for what they claim is a tripling of AMC Networks’ fees and are telling subscribers they can get AMC’s popular "The Walking Dead" through streaming services.


Some Guy Lights 10k Sparklers All At Once

I have no idea what this guy is saying, or why his cat is wearing a sweater and Santa hat, but you don't need a translator to watch him light 10,000 sparklers at the same time. I expected the brush fire at the end to be bigger. eek!


Microsoft Failed To Warn Victims Of Chinese Email Hack In 2011

According to former employees, Microsoft failed to notify customers that Chinese authorities had hacked into over a thousand Hotmail accounts back in 2011. I'm guessing the standard "year of free credit monitoring" would be pointless now.

On Wednesday, after a series of requests for comment from Reuters, Microsoft said it would change its policy and in future tell its email customers when it suspects there has been a government hacking attempt. The company also confirmed for the first time that it had not called, emailed or otherwise told the Hotmail users that their electronic correspondence had been collected. The company declined to say what role the exposure of the Hotmail campaign played in its decision to make the policy shift.


2016 Reality: Lazy Authentication Still The Norm

Although this article mainly focuses on PayPal’s less than stellar authentication system, the truth is that many financial institutions in 2016 are just as bad. frown If you have a PayPal account, you really should read this article.

My PayPal account was hacked on Christmas Eve. The perpetrator tried to further stir up trouble by sending my PayPal funds to a hacker gang tied to the jihadist militant group ISIS. Although the intruder failed to siphon any funds, the successful takeover of the account speaks volumes about why most organizations including many financial institutions remain woefully behind the times in authenticating their customers and staying ahead of identity thieves.