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Tuesday May 31, 2016

AMD Announces The Radeon RX 480 Starting At Just $199

AMD today unveiled the company’s strategy for its upcoming Polaris architecture-based Radeon™ RX Series graphics cards, introducing impressive levels of VR performance and future-proof technologies1 at a variety of price points. The Radeon RX 480 delivers premium VR capability at a stunning price of starting at just $199 for the 4GB edition. Set for launch and availability on June 29th, the Radeon™ RX 480 will deliver the world’s most affordable solution for premium PC VR experiences, delivering VR capability common in $500 GPUs. In a notable market survey, price was a leading barrier to adoption of VR.2 The $199 starting SEP for select Radeon RX Series GPUs is an integral part of AMD’s strategy to dramatically accelerate VR adoption and unleash the VR software ecosystem.


AMD Radeon RX480 Announcement Live From Computex

Senior VP of the Radeon Technologies Group, Raja Koduri took the stage today at Computex 2016 to announce the Radeon RX 480 video card with a retail price of $199. Koduri went on to share a slide that showed two Radeon RX 480 cards in CrossFire edging out a single GTX 1080 running Ashes of the Singularity (DX12) in price, performance and efficiency. For those of you that missed the event, we have the complete presentation embedded below:


AMD Live Webcast From Computex 2016

The AMD live webcast from Computex 2016 is about to start any time (10pm EST). The event is slated to feature presentations from AMD executives including AMD President and CEO Lisa Su; Senior Vice President and General Manager, Computing and Graphics Business Group, Jim Anderson; and Senior Vice President and Chief Architect, Radeon Technologies Group, Raja Koduri.


GeForce GTX 1060 Coming This Fall?

More rumblings from the rumor mill today. This time around the buzz is that NVIDIA will be launching the GeForce GTX 1060 this fall. The site isn't in English so I ran it through the Google machine and came away with the quote below:

The chip GP106 succeeds current GM206, which was launched with the GeForce GTX 960 and later found in the GTX 950. In this context it is interesting that the last recently been released in versions without requiring additional power supply. The same can therefore apply graphics cards based on the GP106, which, with a new architecture and manufacturing at 16 nanometers is predicted to become more energy efficient.


Your Brand-Name PC May Have A Security Flaw

While I know all of you build your own computers, we all have friends and loved ones that could be affected by something like this. Some of the companies named in the article have already fixed the flaws but others haven't, so this is good info to have.

Duo Security says it found vulnerabilities in the update software for Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP and Lenovo. Some vendors were more secure than others in Duo's testing, but all of them were insecure enough that you could launch a man-in-the-middle attack and run your own code. In the worst cases, they'd send update data without any encryption or validation.


[H]ardware Round-Up II

Computex: Computex 2016 Day 1 @ TechARP

ETC.: Intel Core I7 6950X Extreme Edition @ PCPer

Intel Core I7 6950X Extreme Edition @ CowcotLand

Intel Core I7 6950X Extreme Edition @ Overclockers

Memory: G.Skill Ripjaws V 3200MHz @ techPowerUP!

Motherboards: ASUS Sabertooth Z170 Mark 1 @ Play3r

AMD Radeon RX 480 Specifications Leaked?

The folks at VideoCardz have what they claim is a slide showing the specifications of the upcoming AMD Radeon RX 480. As always, you should take this image with a grain of salt but, it gives us something to talk about until we see something official from AMD.


Computex 2016: Day 1 Event Coverage

The crew over at FunkyKit has boots on the ground at Computex 2016. As you might imagine, they say that the event is very VR focused this year with almost every booth having something to do with virtual reality on display.


Hidden Easter Egg In DOOM's Soundtrack?

I don't know how legit this is, but I want to believe it's true. I guess if you have time you can try this out for yourself. I just want to know how this was found in the first place. wink


No Warrant Needed For Cellphone Location Data

The U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has overturned a ruling from 2015 requiring a warrant for cellphone location data. The court said that obtaining cell-site information did not violate the Fourth Amendment because cellphone users know they are being tracked by their carriers.

Police do not need a warrant to obtain a person's cellphone location data held by wireless carriers, a U.S. appeals court ruled on Tuesday, dealing a setback to privacy advocates. The full 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia, voted 12-3 that the government can get the information under a decades-old legal theory that it had already been disclosed to a third party, in this case a telephone company.


Slow Mo Guys Make Rainbow Flames

Why would you need rainbow colored flames? Who cares!?!? It's multi-colored flames filmed in slow motion! Besides, fire is always cool in slow motion. What else do you need? big grin


Awesome MSI GAMING Rigs And Breathtaking VR Experiences Wow COMPUTEX 2016 Visitors

For MSI, a world leader in high-end gaming hardware, a lot of effort has gone into the creation of its marvelous VR experience zones at COMPUTEX TAIPEI 2016. Each VR experience zone features a variety of captivating VR experiences powered by top-rated MSI VR-ready products, HTC VIVE, VR content providers and more. Here we have a quick glimpse into MSI's VR-optimized gaming hardware and some of the most riveting VR experiences that MSI has to offer.

MSI's revolutionary Vortex gaming desktop perfectly powers HTC Vive and theBlu: Luminous Abyss, taking visitos on a venture into the deepest region of the ocean to discover the iridescent abyss. In a truly immersive VR world where the real world seems to vanish, audiences get to experience a close encounter with various types of luminous marine creatures. Soaking their ears in the ocean's roar, audiences are free to move around, picture themselves diving underwater and enjoy the sheer audio-visual sensation brought on by the ocean.

More highlights at the VR expreience zones include MSI’s high-end gaming laptops and desktops that pack unprecedented gaming power and innovative design. Visitors get a chance to see COMPUTEX Best Choice Golden Award 2016 winner MSI GS63 Stealth Pro gaming laptop, super high-end MSI GT83/GT73 Titan SLI gaming laptops, COMPUTEX d&i; awards 2016 winner GS73 gaming laptop and more. Among the most revolutionary products of MSI, the Backpack PC delivers more than enough power to run The Lab: Xortex. Come experience the immersive thrills of navigating and avoiding incoming fire while shooting at a multitude of different spacecraft!