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Euclideon & Unlimited Detail - Bruce Dell Interview

Euclideon has come under fire for its Unlimited Detail Technology claims once again. Instead of sitting around discussing it among ourselves, we sent John Gatt to Brisbane, Australia to talk to the man himself with Euclideon, Bruce Dell. We show you the demo running in real time with hardware specs and answer a lot of questions, all in video.

Interviewing Euclideon

Euclideon’s founder and lead engineer Bruce Dell has come under a lot of flak, from YouTube trolls, to forum goers, to leading game developers.

I first interviewed Bruce 4 years ago when he was working as a stock boy in a supermarket. His technology back then showed promise, but I didn’t fully appreciate its potential. When I saw his newly formed company’s one year update published in the first week of August this year, I was pleasantly surprised and jumped at the chance to go and interview him again, on behalf of HardOCP.

My appreciation and thanks goes to Bruce for his willingness to meet with me, get his mug on video, answer his critics and allow me to film a real time demo.

Being and enthusiast MMO and RPG gamer, I’m always looking for new ways to improve my experience in massive open worlds. I got to see more than I was able to film for the video and I have to say that I’m truly excited about what this technology has the potential to do for future games and other applications as well.

The Euclideon approach is one of creating more efficient processing and is not about throwing more power at old technologies. Bruce’s unique approach to 3D graphics has come about due to his isolation from the rest of the industry. He was not professionally educated in 3D graphics and all of his employees mentioned that they had to go through a steep learning curve to grasp the alien approach to building 3 dimensional world "Bruce Dell style."

After spending a whole day with Bruce and coming to understand how the technology actually works, the thing that amazes me is that nobody has come up with this method in the past. But isn’t that the way with all technologies?

I totally agree with Bruce’s decision not to release unfinished products. The technology at this stage, although progressing nicely, would still be considered "Alpha." Unlike other technologies, Euclideon is not just expanding on someone else’s work, it is creating a brand new system from scratch. It’s going to take time for the developers and manufacturers to get a grasp on working with this new approach to 3D graphics, if it in fact one day does get traction.

The other thing that you don’t get to see in the interview is the synergy of the team that Bruce has assembled. The guys come from key positions throughout the industry in Australia and the working environment at Euclideon was quite obviously harmonious and enthusiastic. As they expand into the next stage of development Euclideon will expand, so keep an eye out if you’re in the industry.

Being one of the first people outside of the company to interact with a real time Unlimited Detail demo was a privilege; I felt like the chocolate factory.

Grab yourself a cuppa and sit back to watch this 40 minute expose on Euclideon’s Unlimited Detail.

I’d like to thank the guy’s in the HardOCP forums for their feedback and questions based on Euclideon’s recent video; I threw many of the questions at Bruce.

Kyle's Thoughts:

When I called John Gatt and asked him to do this interview for HardOCP, I never dreamed we would get this kind of access. Big kudos to John for doing a superb job. And obviously we are not professional video produces either, so you will have to give us a bit of a pass in that department. We did our best on what was a tight budget and a very short timeline with limited equipment. If anything, I hope it points somewhat to the interview being genuine.

While not all questions were answered here about Euclideon and Unlimited Detail, I think HardOCP has done a good job of getting a better look at the technology and proving to the hardware and gaming community that this is in fact "real." It is certainly not done yet, and like John wrote above, the technology seems to be in Alpha. Here is the video of Unlimited Detail that has caused so much discussion over the past week.

As for some of the "snake oil" comments we have seen thrown around by leaders in the community, I hope most of that sentiment has been squashed. I personally do not know if this Unlimited Detail technology will ever see the light of day in mainstream game development, but certainly Bruce Dell and his team are trying to make that happen. Surely there are a lot of hurdles for Euclideon to face, but that certainly does not make the technology an impossibility like some would have you believe. I think it is good to see a company that is thinking "outside of the polygon."

We did have more than a few questions go unanswered that were not in the video, and leaned a bit more to the technical prowess of the Unlimited Detail technology. Hopefully as Euclideon moves forward we will get the opportunity to visit with Bruce and his team again. Euclideon still has mountains to move, but I certainly do not think that Unlimited Detail is a "scam."


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