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Corsair Vengeance K60 Keyboard and M60 Mouse Review

Corsair continues to expand its line of Vengeance-branded gaming peripherals with the addition of two new keyboards and two new mice. Today, we evaluate the two products optimized for first person shooters: the Vengeance® K60 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and the Vengeance® K60 Laser Gaming Mouse.


Corsair recently expanded its popular line of Vengeance gaming peripherals with the additions of two new mechanical keyboards and two new laser mice.

These products were designed to appeal to the needs of two distinct types of PC gamers. The Vengeance K60 Performance FPS mechanical keyboard and the Vengeance M60 Performance FPS gaming mouse are intended for those who primarily play first person shooters. The Vengeance K90 Performance MMO mechanical gaming keyboard and the M90 Performance MMO and RTS laser gaming mouse are for those who primarily play MMO's and real-time strategy titles.

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We received the two products optimized for first person shooters, the K60 keyboard and M60 mouse, and used these as our primary keyboard and mouse for 30 days. Today, we will tell you whether or not our experiences in that month were good ones.

Product Pricing and Packaging

Vengeance K60 Keyboard

The Vengeance K60 FPS mechanical keyboard can be found at both NewEgg and for $94.99 with free ground shipping.

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The K60 keyboard's retail packaging lists the product's specifications and features on its front and back panels. Prospective buyers can see four of the keyboard's ten interchangeable key caps through a small window on the product box's left front panel. The keyboard itself is stored inside the box in a sturdy plastic-coated cardboard tray.

The top of the keyboard is protected inside the package with a form-fitting plastic cover. Its quick start installation guide, warranty statement, and the excess length of its thick, braided USB cable are stored in a second tray directly beneath the keyboard. We think it’s very likely that this product will survive the rigors of cross-country ground shipping before it arrives at your door step.

Vengeance M60 Mouse

The Vengeance M60 Performance FPS gaming mouse can be found at for $57.24 with free super saver or prime shipping. sells the Vengeance M60 for $59.99 with free ground shipping.

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The Vengeance M60 mouse is packaged in an orange and black display carton. The mouse's braided USB cable and product literature are tucked behind the mouse, inside of the carton, while the product's features and specifications are printed on the carton's back panel.

Both the mouse and its cardboard display are sealed between two layers of hard, clear plastic. While the thick plastic packaging will definitely prevent scratches to the product, it hides two of the mouse's most notable features. The mouse's top panel has a "soft-touch" rubber surface for palm and finger comfort, while its two side panels have a slightly gritty texture that enhance grip.


The Vengeance K60 keyboard and the M60 mouse both carry a two year manufacturer's warranty.