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Topre Type Heaven Keyboard Review

Topre's newest keyboard features a conservative appearance and a standard 104-key keyboard design. The product's custom capacitive key switches are said to provide an extraordinary typing experience and a lengthy product life. If these claims are true, perhaps this keyboard will make its way to your desktop, regardless of its healthy price.


Topre is a Japanese corporation that manufactures a very diverse array of products: air conditioning equipment, pressed automotive parts, office automation equipment, and proprietary key switches.

The company's custom key switches are used in medical equipment, alarm systems, elevator consoles, and the company's own extensive line of PC keyboards. Topre claims to be Japan's No. 1 keyboard manufacturer.

In the last few years, Cherry MX key switches have become extremely popular in the PC gaming community because of the accuracy, consistent feel, and tactile "bump" that those types of key switches provide for both daily typing and PC gaming.

Topre designs and manufactures its own patented brand of capacitive key switches for use in its premium keyboards to provide a smooth and accurate typing experience and an extremely lengthy product life, but it switches do not create the same level of audible noise or tactile bump that some of the Cherry MX switches are known for.

This keyboard comes to us in North America through a name you will recognize and trust, SeaSonic. SeaSonic USA is the authorized distributor of Topre keyboards and offers a limited 2 year warranty.

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It should be interesting, to say the least, to see what kind of day to day experience Topre's Type Heaven keyboard provides while I game with the product and get a little work done as well.

Product Pricing

The Topre Type Heaven keyboard can be found at for $150.00 with Free Prime Shipping. Topre has an extensive line of keyboards that all feature the company's custom switches, but the Type Heaven keyboard is the first to be offered at this low of a price point.

Some of you may think this is still an expensive price to pay for a standard 104-key keyboard with no media or macro keys, back lighting, Cherry MX-branded key switches, or ergonomic design. Perhaps Topre has designed and manufactured something special that justifies the product's premium price.

Product Packaging

Seasonic provides the distribution and technical support for the Topre Type Heaven keyboard in the U.S. The Type Heaven keyboard is the only PC gaming peripheral listed on the company's website.

I must say that Seasonic did an outstanding job when it chose the packaging and shipping methods used for the keyboard.

The product was shipped in a plain, rectangular-shaped cardboard box.

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Inside, we found the retail package cushioned with 16 rectangular pieces of thick and durable foam rubber. Some of the pieces were placed together on the top and bottom much like a simple puzzle, while the rest were placed in stacks on all four sides of the retail box.

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Inside the box, I found the keyboard wrapped in a thick plastic bag which most likely prevents scratches and scuffs during shipping. Overall, The product arrived in perfect condition.

Topre also includes a quick start installation guide and a leaflet with the product's warranty and RMA procedures.


The Type Heaven keyboard carries a one year limited warranty from Topre. Fortunately, Seasonic extends that warranty an additional year and we feel that definitely adds to the value of the product and slightly offsets its price in the long run.