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Cooler Master CM Storm QuickFire XT Keyboard Review

Cooler Master refreshes its Quick Fire line of keyboards with a full size version that features a conservative, low profile appearance. With a choice of four different Cherry MX key switches, we definitely think there is something to be found here for even the most discerning keyboard enthusiast.


Cooler Master rose to prominence in the PC enthusiast community for having released the first circular heat sink in 1996 and the first all aluminum PC case in 1999. Many of you may not though that the company also offers an extensive lineup of mice and Cherry MX equipped keyboards as well.

In general, keyboards equipped with the highly desirable Cherry MX key switches have become all the rage for hardcore typists and PC gamers because those switches have a more precise feeling of responsiveness to the touch and last five to ten times longer than the rubber dome counterparts. Cherry MX keyboards may also command a much steeper price in the retail marketplace but the long term effectiveness and durability will be worth it to those of you that want the investment in your peripherals to last.

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Cooler Master's new CM Storm Quick Fire XT line of keyboards offer a low profile appearance, PS/2 and USB compatibility, and your choice of four different Cherry MX key switches. We took the Cherry MX brown equipped model for a long hard ride in order to tell you if this particular key switch choice may be right for you.

Product Pricing

The Cooler Master CM Storm Quick Fire XT keyboard can be found at for $89.99 with Prime Shipping. These retail prices are very typical of Cherry MX keyboards that lack back lighting or wrist rests. If those last two features are important to you, you may wish to consider other manufacturers' products.

Product Packaging

The CM Storm Quick Fire XT has a sharp black and red themed packaging scheme that highlights a life-size picture of the product on the front of the box. You will get a very accurate idea of what you are going to find inside.

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The back of the box has a list of the product's features in eight languages.

Inside, we found the product wrapped in a large foam pouch. It was held securely in place by two cardboard spacers containing the product's accessories.

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Lastly, we found a user guide and warranty statement. The product arrived at our doorstep in perfect condition.


The CM Storm Quick XT keyboard carries a two year limited warranty. Cherry MX equipped keyboards are generally rated to last for fifty million keystrokes. This figure is nearly five times as long as the typical lifetime of rubber dome keyboards.