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Monday May 31, 2004

[H]ardNews 3rd Edition

Vantec Cable Sleeving:

Here is a great way to spend a few hours spiffying up your computer (no…spiffying is not a real word). Tweak News has a Vantec cable sleeving kit in house for a little review action, and I do have to admit, the results are impressive.

Cable sleeving kits are a great convenience for modders. What Vantec has done is offer us a fantastic solution, with a variety of choices in terms of color (including some that are UV reactive).

Poseidon H20 Kit:

People looking for a quiet alternative to fan cooling might be interested in this Poseidon WCL-03 water cooling kit but I emphasize the “might”. The performance of the kit is on par with good air cooling, but the odd waterblock with the built in water pump and small radiator really limits the customer base for this thing. Overclockers need not apply.

I’ve been playing around with this thing for a few days now, and I’m still impressed at the effectiveness of the Poseidon WCL-03. It’s a very powerful plug and play water cooling solution that certainly will not break the bank.

Mouse Grips:

Monster Hardware has posted a review of mouse grips. You know, it’s those no-slip stickers used in the bottom of your bathtub cut up into little shapes so you can stick them all over your mouse.

I've been using Mouse Grips on my mouse at home and in the office for a week I have really gotten accustomed to the new feel it gives my mouse. Even more, any contact between my palm and the actual plastic casing of the mouse feels real nasty now!

There you have it folks, you can take a sleek, sexy mouse like my Logitech MX700 and make it feel real “nasty” and make your mouse ugly as hell.