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Monday February 28, 2005

[H]ardNews 5th Edition

Geek Horoscopes:

It is that time of the month again folks, not that time of the month…don’t be gross. We are talking about BBSpot’s Geek Horoscopes. Head on over and get your horoscope so you can plan your month around it…like I do.

Sagittarius, Nov 22 - Dec 21:

The stars wish to congratulate you on your 87th straight week of being a complete loser.

AOL Opens Up AIM:

AOL is trying to boost AIM popularity with stuff like AIM Sync which integrates AOL Instant Messenger presence awareness into Microsoft Outlook contacts.

Next up is presence integration with CareerBuilder's online recruiting Web site. Job seekers can now register their AIM Screen Name with their resume to provide prospective employers with a real-time connection.

I'm not sure it is a good idea to have prospective employers using AOL to instant message you using your AOL handle “$3xu4L dYn4m0”.

17 FireFox Security Flaws?

We posted a link last week to the new Firefox 1.0.1, if you didn’t download it then, you need to download it now. Apparently there are a total of 17 security flaws in Firefox 1.0. Yikes!

The organization released Firefox 1.0.1, which fixes 17 security flaws in the popular Web browser. The most serious flaws could allow an attacker to gain full control over a victim's PC.