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Friday October 31, 2008

AOCM 2 Overclocking LAN

Those crazy crustaceans over at MadShrimps have posted coverage of the AOCM 2 Overclocking LAN. Itís always nice to see a bunch of overclockers get together with a little hardware and a lot of LN2. Hit the link for complete coverage, I snagged a few pics to whet your appetite:

News Image News Image News Image

This weekend, the second edition of the AOCM has held in Minfeld, Germany. AOCM stands for 'Awardfabrik OverClocking Meisterschaft', which is the main forum of many German overclockers. Actually, the people who made the event possible are all crew members of the Awardfabrik website and forum, so this event was made by and made for the overclockers!